The importance of youth in education and freelancing in Bangladesh

The importance of youth in education and freelancing in Bangladesh

Youth is a portent of any change. It is mainly factual of self-governing conversation and consolidation. Demographically, Bangladesh is the youngest country. Therefore, youth aspirations and stress are vital in insisting side of governance. Bangladeshis remember with arrogance the magnificence that the kid played in securing its linguistic, educational and national identity. There are great credits of Youth about freedom of Bangladesh. Youth plays a vital role in the Bangladesh freedom fight in 1971. Without the power of youth, it was tough to be independent of others.

The Bangladesh public service plays a vital role; it is essential to develop and keep up with the times for a country.For this reason it is essential to create an effective communication. Public services in Bangladesh provide service to the public from the government. In Bangladesh, sectors like many public services as the police department, fire department, water supply, electricity, education, etc. All those public sector youth successfully plays a vital position. As a consequence of their hard working attitude, creativity, intrinsic worth to any task. Therefore, youth is the most significant part of a developing country like Bangladesh. For this reasons all kinds of opportunities make sure for the youth.

It is a great theory that, there is no significant number of possibilities for an appropriate job for all educated young people yet. As a result, they are suffering from insufficient workplace though they have graduation degree, for the reason those youth are experiencing frustration. Unquestionably, public services are trying to generate workplace for their higher educated workforce.

In Bangladesh many people’s lives under poverty. So they do not get enough opportunities to study properly, an educational system in Bangladesh are not so easy for those individuals who live in poverty. Youth is the central power in a country; then they cannot be worthy of the country., Bangladesh Government is trying to develop the whole education system of Bangladesh to make youth skilled and educated. They can improve Bangladesh with proper education as well as skill. Actually, without adequate training and qualified youth peoples, no country can develop properly.

Online Earning From BanglaDesh

In the Freelancing arena Bangladeshi youth playing the prominent role that, focus the whole world. Freelancing is now the sensitivity of all jobs. For any person, it is a money-spinning occupation. Once upon a time, Indian youth dominates the outsourcing. Now Bangladesh leads the third position in outsourcing. Followed by Upwork Global. Dhaka ranked the third place in a freelancing assignment where all online jobs are distributed from western countries. It is factual that cheap labor and excellent English has made Bangladesh accomplish this post which called a bowled over the winner. Apparently, this uprising praise goes to Bangladeshi youth. Now, dissimilar levels of professional are paying attention to do outsourcing. Particular types of jobs like search engine optimization, social media marketing, web developing and design, translating into a different language, data entry, web research, customer service, admin support are delivering from Bangladeshi youth generation to western and European countries. Nowadays the hard truth is some freelancers monthly income goes to $1000 to $10,000.I do believe this is the greatest achievement of Bangladeshi youth who made it possible and made freelancing a smart platform in Bangladeshi job Market as well as the whole world. The contented reports are frustrated on youth unemployment generation implicated in freelancing which is too much progressive. They made Online earning from Bangladesh a famous slogan.The importance of young people in education and freelancing in Bangladesh is superlative.

Bangladesh is full of different kind of arts and culture. There are thousands of arts in Bangladesh like handicraft, embroidery, knit, different kind of paintings, weaving, engraving, and carving. Nowadays thousands of people depend on those skills beside industrial arts. Bangladeshi youth contributing vital part developing Bangladeshi art with their good education and decent power by taking and giving lots of opportunity for creating a different sort of art area. Those techniques are creating hundreds of workplace for thousands of skilled young people. The wrapping up is to articulate the importance of youth in public service, education, freelancing and the arts in Bangladesh are imperative.

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