Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring: Does It Increase Productivity?

Every organization builds up with a defined goal and trying to maintain the standard level for productivity. For achieving this, several employees work under specific rules and regulations.

Observing of employees helps to improve the working environment, protect the corporate privacy and resources and prevent arising of an unexpected situation.

Many ways use to gather information about the activities of staff members.

These methods have some merit and demerit which affect the efficiency of the employee. But the perfect technological tools offer an excellent analysis which comes back with rewarding and increment.

Direct Monitoring

The business company who does not rely on a computer system, they placed the computers in an open workplace and every member of staff can watch what is happening there.

Network Monitoring

This system keeps data of the traffic visits on their network by using a firewall or router.

Email Monitoring

The company which has its website and email hosting services use this type of monitoring to assess the member of staffs.

Software Monitoring

Software monitoring solutions like NET Orbit used to monitor logs of workplace computers from a web portal with an internet connection.

The Pros of Employee Monitoring

Protect business privacy

In a corporate organization, dodge used for censoring on the computer, prevent leak out the information about a specific project. It ensures durable protection for data loss, IT security threats and shadow IT risks.

Employee watching system is most important to run efficiently of rules and policies of any business- related organization.

Monitoring build awareness within the employee to visit any unauthorized sites. This can protect the illegal, immoral and problematic distribution of content, also stop the cyber-crime.

Improve the efficiency level of employee

An assessment of efficiency helps to keep employee productivity. Every employee can realize their present situation on job duties and can change the adequate procedure to contribute professionally.

When the monitoring reports presented as a written form, the efficient one becomes more confident, and non-efficient one is trying to better performance than before.

Keep a sound workplace

When the employees of any company are being observed, they are trying to work better and stop to waste their time on trivial tasks. Ultimately that company will be benefited.

Checking via a camera reduces workplace theft and examining on computer prevents the fraud.

Help to make a trustworthy employee

The employer can supervise properly because a perfect supervising system provides working evidence of every employee. 

When the corporation has the data of every employee, to find out the deserving employee become easy to be rewarded.

When workers are being rewarded, they can trust and make faith in this corporation.

Ensure customers satisfaction

When every operative knows that they work under intensive supervision, they try to improve their relationships with each other and also with others related to the company. It allows us to feel a sense of quality and ensures the sound environment.

In a call center, if workers call perceived, it leads to doing better than before. It increases the satisfaction level of customers because all staffs try to perform a great job.

Prevent possible litigation

Any business, the operational laws are the most important thing. When all transactions logged, it prevents possible prosecution.

Emails are the written record that helps both employer and employee if any legal issue arises. If anyone of them become dishonest, then others can take legitimate steps depending on the company’s rules and regulation policies.

The Cons of Employee Monitoring

Put the employee under stressed condition

Sometimes monitoring system fell the employee under stress. All are not confident about their efficiency. In those cases, weak ones feel insecure about their job that severely affects the output level.

Decrease the trusty level

When the worker is being monitored using unknown devices or procedures, the relation between a member of staff become injured.

The feeling of mistrust developed on employee’s mind which lead to suffering from workplace anxiety. It may cause more mistakes which will lower morale and productivity.

Increase the ultimate expenditure

Many electronic devices and computer apps have to installed to track the employee. It increases the cost because these devices and apps are expensive.

For monitoring the member, new staffs have to recruit. These also increase the final cost. 

The system used for assessing the efficiency of members of the company may be productive or not.

Uncertainty the standard policy retained for this purpose where everyone can watch how their monitoring may bring a fruitful achievement for the organization.