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Updated & Best Courses Layout

We always follow the market trends. Our all courses are planned upon recent online earning market movement. We focus on those topics which have more demand in the current market. Especially our SEO training course is the best than any other training centers Bangladesh.

Guaranteed For Serious Learners

Online Freelancing Courses of Advance IT Center are fully insured for getting a job in the outsourcing platform if you work hard with patience. We build each student from elementary to advanced level, which will make them perfect for the earning & Guaranteed For Serious Learners.

Support without any cost

After each class, we provide quality tutorial and inclusive hand-note to make students understand the class lectures. We provide proper support after completion of the course if a student falls in trouble while working. From each batch, best 2 students will get the opportunity to work with our team.

Salient Features:

  • Most of the Classes will be held on Friday and Saturday, which is suitable for most people.
  • Two classes per week with assignments and case studies throughout the week to try our best to start earning
  • Collaborative and group working environment.
  • A fully practical approach.
  • This Course is the first of its kind in the freelancing field where you will learn all in all.
  • Best Support – Many experienced persons will boost your confidence and help you with day-to-day queries and practical's.
  • Recordings will be given on special and emergency cases only.
  • Do join this Course if:

  • You are new but have basic operating windows and office skills and surfing the internet and Facebook, etc.
  • If you have patience and ambition for success.
  • If you are a hard worker and not a daydreamer.
  • You want to become a full-time freelancer.
  • You want to earn a good livelihood.
  • You want to start your online business as a freelancer.
  • You want to get training from the most experienced trainer.
  • You want to get connected with like-minded and experienced people in the digital world.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Who can join this Course?

    There is no pre-requisite for this Course. Anyone who knows how to use a computer and the internet can join this Course. It is specially designed from basics to advance level.

    Is there is any guarantee?

    Yes, there is a guarantee of what we teach. But you need to understand the definition of success. You need to apply what we will teach; you need to try and try again to master what you will learn here. Only Almighty Allah knows what will happen next.

    How much time do I need to spend?

    We recommend at least 8 hours a day. But more is always better. It also depends on every person separately, and some persons do more in less time, and some need more time.

    Is there any other kind of investment needed apart from the Fee?

    Yes, you can get benefits if you have some investment to buy Upwork connects, Domain, Hosting and etc. But don't worry if you don't have further investment still you can succeed.

    Is it possible not to pay the course fees? Can I still avail this opportunity?

    Yes, there are some seats for deserving students, but we will do proper verification before giving any student a seat. And there is another way about how you can get a chance to win the free seat.

    The Skill You Need to Learn to Earn Money Online If You are A Newbie.

    You get 20 years of education to earn just BDT 20,000 per month, then how you can think BDT 100,000 money can be made in only two months online. The first skill in the online world to learn is patience. If you do not have the patience to see the results of your hard work after six months or one year, you cannot be much successful. Otherwise, you will find tricks that don't long last. If you do not have the patience to learn skills because you need quick results. 

    Then, my dear friends, you need to change your insight. It takes time to learn, and implement. Carry on, never give up! 

    Why We Are The Best Outsourcing Training Center In Dhaka Bangladesh?

    Advance IT Center is the best online earning training center run by supportive teachers. Our primary aim is to guide students to get jobs in the online market to make independent as a freelancer. We offer high-quality training service and capable of making money online as a freelancer. We make students skilled enough to earn money at least 10,000 – 20,000 taka per month initially. It is only possible, if you do hard work and applies all the lessons that we deliver and maintain daily practices. 

    Advance IT is the most constant real online learning and outsourcing training center in Bangladesh to make students established to earn money from freelancing. We already train more than 1k students in the last eight years (From 2013). And a significant portion is started making from Upwork (former oDesk), People Per Hour and Fiverr successfully. Also, some of them start making money from SEO, Content Writing, Google AdSense, YouTube video monetization, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing and individual freelancing business. If you are looking for the best outsourcing training center in Bangladesh to earn money from Upwork, freelance, Guru, People Per Hour, Fiverr and different online market, Advance It Center is best to make you established in this market.

    Become skilled at freelancing and outsourcing Work, Get training, Be independent

    At present, freelancing or outsourcing – these two words are familiar to many people in our country. You can take outsourcing as a full-time or a part-time profession. But keep in mind that whether you take it as a full-time or part-time basis, in the beginning, you have to spend a lot of time on it, especially while learning to work. It’s better to be proficient and skilled before starting to work in this arena. Then you don’t need to stumble at the outset. People who want to work in this field, have to have the mental preparation for working 6/7 hours daily. They have to be confident, industrious and above all, have to be patient. Many people say, “Earn Tk. 50,000-60,000 by doing a basic course for just 1 or 2 months.” But these words have no base; these are meaningless. If you want to be successful in the freelancing or outsourcing field, then obtaining skill on any topic of outsourcing is a must.

    What will you learn?

    At first, you have to know what type of work is available in the marketplace. After that, you can select a job from those what will be easy for you and you like and enjoy to do. You should acquire knowledge, skill, and proficiency in the works which are of high quality. It means that you should think about the future and try to grow your expertise in those jobs which can bring you the chances of earning a considerable amount of money, and also the demand of those jobs will increase more with the time. In the marketplace, some jobs always have applications like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphics Design, etc.

    From where will you learn?

    If you wish, you can learn from the internet (Google, YouTube) at home on your own or you can complete a course from any outsourcing institute. But before going to do any course, it’s always better to gain basic knowledge in that particular subject or field. It will help you to understand better in the class. It may require 3-6 months time to learn the outsourcing work and to become an expert in this field.

    Our Promise

    Advance IT gives a complete assurance of best training to you in the outsourcing field from the very basic level up to the advanced level. In our institute, each course is 4-5 months long. Considering the students and the poor or underprivileged talented people, we have made the course fee Tk. 15,000. In each course, we try to teach in a disciplined and friendly manner. Should we say something about our support? Yes, we will be beside you each time you need us. 

    Guarantee for ‘PERFECT’ learning and the Real Fact

    We are not saying that just after completing the course you will start earning Tk. 50,000 to Tk. 1,00,000. But it’s true that when you keep working hard in this freelancing or outsourcing field, you will finally reach your goal over time. What we are trying to say is, we are giving you the guarantee for ‘PERFECT’ learning. By using your talent, we will help you to fulfill your dreams. However, you have to be self-confident, hardworking and patient as well. Also, it will not be wise to depend only on the course. Besides the course, you will have to do a lot of studies and should grow the interest in learning more from good resources.

    In this competitive market, you can’t do well if you just depend only on a course. To get jobs in the online outsourcing market, you will need to apply your creativity too. The time when you will be successful in this field, it totally depends on your skill, expertise, and knowledge. Those who can become adept and proficient in this outsourcing arena, it does not take long for them to be successful. Remember that if you have proper knowledge in your profession, you won’t need to run after money, rather money will go after you. Stay well and for more information, please visit our full website - Advance IT Center.

    Why Choose Advance IT in Bangladesh ?

    Advance IT Center is good for some reasons, first and foremost, if you take our courses in SEO & Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you will soon find out just how in-depth and through the course is. In fact, some of the knowledge shared is so refined and definite that you won’t even find them in most prominent SEO training centers in BD and YouTube. No other training center would give you as much information, availability and support as this one does. You can ask questions at any time of the day, and your question would be answered very quickly, and the best part is that you get rest assured that you will be guided with love and care throughout the course. In short, what sets Advance IT Center above all others in Bangladesh is that where another training center is a business that takes a lot of money for admission, this one makes less than half of it and gives you a better service than the rest. This might seem a little suspicious, but once you start the course, you will understand the actual value of your time.

    Is Training Necessary for Online Freelancing?

    In my point of view yes, if you are not a bookworm because it has a lot to learn. It depends on you. The training centers offer you a clear guideline, so work becomes more comfortable for you. Learning in training Center is much quicker and efficient than learning by your own but self-taught is the best way of learning. Because it mostly clarifies your understanding. If you keep a personal trainer, you will tend to come primarily reliable on him. You must try to avoid that manner as being reliable on someone for getting your job done is not a good idea.

    Training from anyplace will make your career life less complicated. Dropping in this sector without any idea of what your aim is or what your niche will be then mate training center is definitely for you. Towards the start, it might seem exciting, but as you will get deep into the topic, your frustration level might rise. These may fail. So to be on a safe side, it is better to be guided by someone who has already earned success or a person who knows well about the topic.

    Bangladesh stands as 2nd largest position among the world's online outsourcing countries [Updated]

    we have a silver lining right here in the report of Oxford University's Research and Pedagogy Division. In their study report by the University's Oxford Internet Institute (OI), the writers declared Bangladesh stands as 2nd largest position among the world's online outsourcing countries. In case you are wondering who achieved the first place than that is –India world’s most multicultural country with 2nd highest population of all countries together.

    Nearest contender of Bangladesh is United States of America, at 3rd highest outsourcing destination USA also ranks 3rd in population. So though it may sound as self admiration but the comparison in context of population to outsourcing ratio Bangladesh clearly beats her fellow contenders. In this list Bangladesh has literally thrashed countries like Pakistan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain. All the countries with more population and literacy rate (except for Pakistan).

    In this report India accounts for 24% of the world's outsourcing jobs. Bangladesh has 16 % market share and the United States has 12 %.Where USA has delivered more work on top professional scale, writing and translation, India achieved its market share mainly from software development and technology related jobs. It is important to note that among all freelance jobs software development and technology category is dominated by Indian subcontinent with 55% of the sector; and in professional service category- UK workers are dominating with 22% market share.

    Bangladesh is dominating in the sector of-Software Development and Technology, Creative, Multimedia, SEO, Clerical and Data Entry. The survey was made based on the data of 'Online Labor Index Worker Supplement' from 1 to 6 July, which was obtained from four major online buy sale platforms; these are- fiver, freelancer, guru and people per hour. The original report was written by teachers and senior researcher ViLi Lehdonvirta of Oxford University.

    This development in ICT sector clearly conforms to Government’s stand to make Bangladesh an ICT-based country. ICT State Minister says the report shows-now we are creating skilled manpower who has top-notch training and can compete in international platform thus Bangladesh is on its way to become Mid income country very soon. Bangladesh crossed the border line of low income group to lower middle income group in 2015 along with 3 more countries Kenya, Myanmar, and Tajikistan. That means now we belong to the tier where average per capita income ranges from 1046$ - 4125$. Our Government has high hope to precipitate this growth and turn Bangladesh into middle income group where average income ranges from 4,126 $ - 12,735$ country by next 3 years.

    This classification of low, mid income country made by World Bank may merely provide them with a tool for operational and analytical purpose, but as a nation this is a big achievement. While many people accredited this transformation to garments sector, Pharmaceuticals and financial institution; another sector silently and steadily is contributing to the tier and making its way to the front-line is –Outsourcing.

    Be careful about Advance IT BD. Advance IT BD is not part of Advance IT Center and Advance IT LTD. They are just following us and trying to confuse people. Many people are complaining to us about this issue. Advance IT LTD Established on 2013, 1st September and this domain registered on 29th July 2013. If you have any query, please Join Advance IT FB Group and FB Official Page. From these social sites, you can quickly know about our success stories and can meet our successful students as well. Alhamdulillah, We have 90% Success rate in SEO and Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training.

    Next year we are planning to open quite a few outsourcing Training Institute in Motijheel, Mirpur, Badda, Gazipur, Comilla, Bogra, Banani, Wari, Dhanmondi, Mugda, Tikatuli, Gulshan, Shonir Akhra, Gopibag, Demra, Jatrabari, Khilgaon, Newmarket, Palton, Ramna, Mohammadpur, Lalmatia, Kalabagan, and Azimpur.