Essential Content Marketing Tips For A Successful Strategy

90% of groups use content marketing. That is almost every organization. Every industry has realized the capability of content marketing. It is a standard norm that content marketing is for the B2B sector, but that’s a wrong assumption. Many B2C organizations have integrated content marketing in their marketing strategy and are benefiting the most from this integration. To be specific on the usage of content marketing in the B2C industry - 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing.

Content is promoted across many channels on the internet such as Facebook, LinkedIn, google+, social bookmarking sites, blog directories and obviously on search engines. Search engines are one of the most widely used platforms for content promotion. 60% of marketers use search engine marketing and is the maximum used paid content campaign method.

Though content marketing is more of an organic marketing technique, a wise spend of the budget on promoting content can multiply the result generated by content marketing efforts. It thought that marketers on an ordinary occupy over 25% of their financial plan on content marketing. To progress the organic extent of your contents, an optimal amount of budget should be allocated for content marketing.

Content marketing is not just about generating traffic or getting high-quality links to your website, content marketing also boots your sales. According to one of the study, content marketing makes roughly three times many leads as traditional marketing and costs 62% less. That’s a pretty attractive metrics for one to dedicate a team to succeed in the journey of content marketing.


Content Marketing needs focused work towards and handy tips to succeed in content marketing is as follows:

What the first piece of content users come across in your article is your title. Usually, marketers or content writers give the least importance to the title. However, the title should be well thought to ensure it is conveying the gist of the message your content is delivering. Not just that, your blog title should be crisp, sharp and impressive enough to drive the attention of the user and allure them to click on the article.

In conjunction with the blog title, the sub-headline of the blog article should be well thought and should go with the flow of content. Let’s agree; we glance through the article before deciding whether to spend our precious time reading the article. The deciding factor to read a full article is its segmentation and compelling sub-headlines.

Interview famous and upcoming talent in your industry

One of the best type of content to be included in your content marketing strategy is interview blogs. You can interview industry experts or else approaching talent in your niche and publish those articles. Imagine you are into online beauty service. Your content marketing has covered many beauty tips & tricks, skin care regime and everything related to beauty & wellness. To continue your content marketing journey, you can interview beauty & fashion bloggers with decent followers on the internet and promote the beauty secrets & products endorsed by them. This will attract much traffic.

Every time emphasis on the audience while generating content

You might see this tip in every article you read about content marketing. However, what does this mean? You might think. Naturally one will write content for their audience, why every article stresses on this point. The reason is marketers always misunderstand it. Let’s take the earlier example, you wrote all the materials related to beauty but does it cover all the topics your target audience is interested or are they always interested in knowing only about beauty tips. You need to identify your buyer persona and expand your horizon regarding their interest. Your audience might be interested in health, wellness, and many other topics. This way you can capture the audience in the early stage of their buyer journey.

Relate your favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad to your topic

Every one of us has a favorite show, favorite book or at least a favorite character. As a marketer if you can identify the favorite show of your target audience and sew the instance of the appearance or behavior of the role in your content seamlessly, then that’s the best contribution you are doing to your content marketing efforts. If you succeed in this, you can relate to Harvey Specter’s statement – “I don’t get lucky, I make my luck”!

Use social ads to amplify outreach

I am sure all of you remember seeing ads running on social media channels emphasizing on various discount offers or cashback offers but have you observed content being promoted to you. Majority of people don’t observe it instead you think it is yet another organic article in your news feed. That is the advantage of promoting content on social media channels. The content seamlessly merges in the news feed, so that audience won’t feel it’s an ad being pushed to them. Additionally, social media provides various targeting options for marketers to advertise.

Guest blog on favorite industry blogs and link back to your site for traffic and authority

One of the most underused marketing techniques for content is capitalizing on other related popular blog articles. Every marketer wants to rank on the first page for their targeted keywords, but what they fail to do is obtain on the articles which are ranking in the first page for their related keywords.

For instance, let’s say you are into the tiffin service industry. You have written many articles about food, cooking, and anything & everything related to food. The sector which is closely linked with food is nutrition. There will be many articles written about food nutrition. If you can guest post on such forums and post a link of one of your blog in the guest post, then you attract much traffic which you couldn’t have otherwise.

Tap on Influencer Marketing by quoting and influencer and linking their content

There is one misconception in the market that influencer marketing is only for big brands. Small brands or startups refrain themselves from touching this sector with the assumption that they can’t reach influencers. However, the truth is influencers are people like us. Influencers aren’t celebrities; they are familiar people who have acquired the status of influencer by sharing valuable knowledge in their niche. These influencers can be easily reached by producing which they appreciate and which they love to endorse in their content. It is not that complex!

Find your optimum content producing environment including time, day and surroundings

One of the crucial parts of content promotion is to decide the day and time to promote it. The concept is similar to email marketing, where a standard time and day which will work for one marketer won’t work for everybody. One needs to experiment to conclude the time and day suitable for their content promotion. Also, marketers should decide the contents produced for specific events which are essential for their niche.

Leverage Email in Content Marketing

Email is the most underrated marketing technique to promote content. Email marketing keeps your audience engaged and makes them keep coming back and consume your content on a regular basis. One needs to understand email marketing should always have opted for permission from email holders to send them an email on a regular basis. This good practice will ensure that your email will land up in inbox folder instead of promotion folder or more importantly spam folder. Maintaining a reputation of domain and IP is very crucial to succeed in email marketing.

The most important factor to consider in email marketing is keeping subscribers good list. First of all, the marketer needs to take out unsubscriber from their roster on a regular basis. The second important factor is to monitor the engagement of users and reduce the mailing frequency or stop sending emails to least engaged users. Your email domain and IP reputation will thank you if you follow this practice on a regular basis.

Use both trending and evergreen content

The biggest dilemma for digital marketers is to decide between trending and evergreen content type covered in their content marketing strategy. The truth is both are important. Let’s go back to the example of online beauty service we have used earlier in the article. Evergreen content for this business is cover all the necessary and necessary beauty tips which have been covered by most of the content marketers in that niche, but it can make unique and presented impressively. Examples of evergreen content which this business can cover are reviewing and showing a demo of new beauty products in the market or covering new beauty trends suitable for this generation. Both of these containers is very crucial in content marketing.

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We covered ten essential tips of content marketing. If you are craving for more, Above content marketing tips info-graphic will feed your brain with more.

Mir Saeid

Mir Saeid

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