Freelance Outsourcing Career for Women

There is no doubt that online business thought is only called outsourcing or freelancing business. It also indicates a home-based company where women can show her creation, talent & practical skill. In spite of vast lacking Bangladesh has achieved an upper ranking position in the outsourcing world. Many outsourcing, training centers, institutes & talented independent professionals are now providing extensive knowledge, traditional learning method, and structured guideline about the Freelancing arena for women in Bangladesh. They also offer an attractive technology-based course of action which enables women to find out a way of getting a lucrative job. Today’s Bangladesh has a great facility to Freelance outsourcing career for women through which they got the vast opportunity to gain a higher ranking position in the carrier pathway. Just think about the situation! Our female generation who is continually acting like a girl, as a homemaker, as a mother in their family life they have been achieved a separate identity from Outsourcing training in Bangladesh. Besides, they have invested money in their family by sound income generating source which only means outsourcing/freelancing.

Freelance Outsourcing Career for Women

Women freelancing training opportunities in Bangladesh

Actual Life at the outsourcing business for women’s career path is going to be upgraded day by day. Bangladesh government already has taken some long-term plan for developing outsourcing courses to our people at free of cost. Especially women have included also. Freelance Outsourcing Career for Women is a great challenging topic at present because women are improving themselves by working this type of quick job independently. Outsourcing training centers in Dhaka recommend some best IT Institutes for producing handsome online money, which helpful & useful for Women freelancing in Bangladesh. Advance IT Institute is one of the most efficient institutes in our freelancing region. Their course includes training in article-writing, text and photo editing, blog writing, computer programming, graphic designing, web designing and development, software development, search engine optimization, social media marketing and so on. They also provide basic courses of outsourcing, which is badly need for a female generation. Based on these institutions strategy women are surfing the internet continuously, working with different webmaster tools & techniques, developing verbal & written English fluently and forwarded to be upgraded position through massive international communication.

Freelance Outsourcing Career for Women

Everybody knows a slogan that ”women are the leading actor in our life” because she always can manage our family, outside, a workplace that means she is acting as an efficient player in every sector of our existence, it’s not truly a trouble-free matter that so many different barriers she has overcome. Women can utilize their leisure time at home through Women freelancing in Bangladesh which reduces mental stress & also raises their certain level day by day. Now a day’s Life at outsourcing existence gave our business world to our hand where women were enjoying its advantage. As a result, they provide enough time for their family and another side equally. Freelance Outsourcing Career for Women presents the new human race in their life; women maintained enormous performance to enhance economic growth in our national economy. Women were the freelancing career not only in Bangladesh already it is scattered in everywhere around the world. Many social restrictions, including transport security, family support and hostile working environment for women are among the most frequent problems for female employment in Bangladesh. That is why sometimes the family unit persuades them to be at home. But in other countries have no types of various limitations. Their institutional freelancing course of actions, several outsourcing teaching centers have made available guidelines forthcoming & rising freelancing women.

Women freelancing in Bangladesh besides around the world

Furthermore, Bangladesh gets a third place for Women freelancing in Bangladesh which has increased our economic growth. Online work offers uncomplicated and rational opportunities for women to work with several clients which are very much more comfortable than competing for a full-time job. Mainly in a high-tech world where the whole thing changes so speedily, then women can effortlessly do numerous projects in their home with her approach. High careerists mothers are coming back again. Outsourcing jobs, surpassing the Pakistan, Philippines, and Russia in the prior time and its rank will be going forward due to the making of huge freelancers and entrepreneurs. Communicate with the news reporter; the reporter said the total number of freelancers 20,000 would be the women who will get basic IT literacy training at Union and Upazila levels besides outsourcing practice. In the middle of February Government also going away to launch Learning and Earning Programmed’ at Upazilas to create 55,000 freelancers at the grassroots level. Also, village people would earn foreign currency from an outsourcing business which will reduce our poverty rate in our national economy.

Government Steps For Developing Women Outsourcing Business:

Bangladesh has achieved third place out of the top ten lists in Odesk, which increased our economic growth and also enlightening women freelancing career day by day.

  • To build up 55000 outsourcers government already has taken Learning and Earning program at root level in Upazilla.
  • Twenty thousand women will get basic IT literacy & simple outsourcing, training course at Union and Upazila level out of 55000 freelancers.
  • Taka 180 crore approved by The Executive Committee Of The National Economic Council (ECNEC) for unemployed educated young people of which whom will get employment opportunity & run their life smoothly.
  • For developing mass level women freelancers, our government is now arranging a course of action around the countries 4516 Union Information Service centers as a small freelancing training institute where they will provide an operational facility widely.
  • In the year of 2013, our nation has gained 20 million US dollar from an outsourcing sector, and it was double in 2014. Already 15000 freelancers are now growing up through Learning and Earning program.
  • Under this government plan, our village youth generation is going to be capable of earning foreign currency.
  • So Women freelancing is not confined in our home, not in our area, not in our region now it is going & going for a long drive with our government hand. As a result women future life professionally & personally will reach a brighter condition.

Freelancing, Outsourcing-The Best Way For Women Career:

Freelance mothers who think, ask and look into her heart that what she loves it & what she wants to do something in their home if it is not correctly sound beside her enthusiasm is catchy then blindly we can say continuous success is coming to her door to door soon. Mom is a universal truth; no replacement exists there while she always tries to make the ideal child, wants to give precious time to her son. The home-based business will help in keeping the closeness with her baby and also will help settle her career. The different home based idea is given below:

  • Launching various types of websites.
  • Web site promotional work like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing.
  • Searching various freelance mom forums where she can brainstorm other people’s idea, experience, success about home-based business.
  • You are doing a market product online.
  • Blogging –create a new thing where everybody can share the valuable opinion, gathers vast knowledge, promote website widely.
  • Affiliate marketing.

Specially who are capable of computer skill, then these types of technology-based work are entirely suitable for them. Besides, she can earn sound money monthly. So Women freelancing in Bangladesh opened the diversity of business to freelancing mothers.

Achievement of Women outsourcing in Bangladesh

Sultana Parvin, Marjan Ahmed is the top ranking women entrepreneur in a freelancing era. They got a reward from the BASIS for outstanding work performance in outsourcing. If we go through their freelancing job history, it will give huge inspiration for our women. At present hold the 2nd position in freelancing market place of our country where 73 Lac people are working now. So Bangladesh has bright prospects for Women outsourcing business. Outsourcing institutions, freelancing training centers, & Govt all are trying to establish a standard outsourcing organization in which our women can set up her carrier smooth & sound way at home. Women who have an innovative idea, creative thinking, high tolerance level, want to earn online money at home and unable to give sufficient time to outsourcing occupation then this the most & best sources for shine their carrier. At present world, to my concept Freelance outsourcing career for women look like blinking stars in the open sky where women would invest their talent then they will always show in the top position of her carrier like stars. So again, I want to say the main thing women who, deprived and are not in their career path, should you go, should you find out & set up your carrier in the freelancing earth.

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