Google AdSense Guide for Beginners

It is inadequate to re-invent the roller. Therefore, I will not provide my explanation as it is already presented on Wikipedia. Accordingly, to Wikipedia “Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

Around the world, people are using AdSense to help them do more of what they love.

When the first Reflexive earnings (Popularly known as earning while sitting at home) started in Bangladesh and worldwide, it began in the fingers of Google AdSense. The majority of the successful marketers earned their first income (dollar) from AdSense. This post will try to understand what Google AdSense is, why it is, and how it works, along with proper guidelines.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the Ad. Unit of Google Company. In simple words, if you have a website or YouTube video, you can tell Google that I have this website or video and I want to give an Ad. Then google will provide you with some such ads that are suitable for your site or video. After these are set and when people will click or see them, Google will pay you money.

Google gets this money from different companies that are the actual owner of these ads. Suppose I have invented the solar car. Now, I have decided that I will sell this solar car. Now, how will people know about it? It is true we can give ad. on TV, but that will cost much. I can set Bill Board, share the ad. on the radio, show the ad. In Newspapers or give ad. in google. I will tell google that I want to give ad. in such websites that are tech product-related. Because those who visit those websites may want to buy my solar car, is it not? On the other hand, such tech websites have also kept google informed that they want to give ad. in line with their topics, is it not?

On hearing these two parties, google will give my ad. on such a website, and when people visit those websites or videos and see or click my ad., I will pay some money to the owner of that site for each click. In short, this is Google AdSense.

AdSense Niches

Profitable Niches

  1. Travel
  2. Home Decor
  3. Lifestyle Blogs
  4. Food Blogs
  5. Personal Finance
  6. Business & Marketing
  7. Health and Fitness
  8. Fashion & Beauty

Common Niches

  1. Lifestyle and Influencer
  2. Photography
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Travel
  5. Tech
  6. DIY (Do-It-Yourself)
  7. Fashion
  8. Food and Recipes
  9. Parenting
  10. Pets
  11. Writing
  12. Personal Finance
  13. Small Business Marketing
  14. Search Engine Optimization
  15. Personal Development
  16. Home Decor
  17. Side Hustling
  18. Career Development and Job Searching
  19. Female Empowerment
  20. Sustainability
  21. Entrepreneurship
  22. Investing
  23. Natural Living
  24. Coding

101 Best niches for AdSense

  1. Acne/skincare
  2. Airbnb tips
  3. Arts and crafts
  4. Atheism
  5. Baking
  6. Beer
  7. Boating
  8. Bodyweight fitness
  9. Career advice
  10. Career tips
  11. Cars
  12. Coding/ development
  13. College applications
  14. Cooking tips
  15. Couponing
  16. Cryptocurrency
  17. Dating
  18. Divorce
  19. DIY projects
  20. Drawing
  21. Drones
  22. eCommerce
  23. Education
  24. Environmentalist
  25. eSports
  26. Fashion
  27. Financial independence
  28. Fishing
  29. Freelancing
  30. Frugality/ budgeting
  31. Funny workplace stories (e.g., Dilber on a blog)
  32. Gardening
  33. Graphic design
  34. Hiking, either day hikes or large through hikes
  35. Home automation
  36. Home improvement
  37. Homebrewing beer, wine, etc.
  38. Homeschooling
  39. Interior design
  40. Investing
  41. Ironman or triathlons
  42. Landscaping
  43. Learning a language
  44. Learning an instrument
  45. Liquor
  46. Living abroad
  47. Local business marketing
  48. Location independence/digital nomadism
  49. Makeup +
  50. Marriage
  51. Massage
  52. Meditation
  53. Mental health
  54. Minimalism
  55. Mobile app development
  56. Motorcycles
  57. Movies
  58. Music (that other people have made)
  59. Natural medicine
  60. Off-the-grid living
  61. Parenting
  62. Personal finance
  63. Personal style
  64. Pets
  65. Photography
  66. Physical sports
  67. Poker
  68. Pregnancy
  69. Productivity
  70. Public speaking
  71. Real estate
  72. Recipes
  73. Religion
  74. Retirement
  75. Running/ marathons
  76. RVing
  77. Satire
  78. Self-improvement
  79. Self-publishing
  80. SEO
  81. Sewing/knitting
  82. Shopify
  83. Social media
  84. Solar power
  85. Specific diets (e.g., Keto, vegan, etc.)
  86. Specific medical condition(s)
  87. Standing desks
  88. Survivalism
  89. Tiny homes
  90. Travel
  91. Travel hacking/ churning (e.g., airline miles)
  92. Uber/Lyft tips
  93. van life
  94. Video games
  95. Weightlifting
  96. Wine
  97. WordPress
  98. Writing
  99. Yoga
  100. Your local area (e.g., stuff to do in your town)
  101. YouTube

How To Get Started With Google AdSense

Having read up to this, you already have understood that you should have either a video channel (with unique and exciting videos) or a website for Google AdSense. We will talk only about the website as this is more popular.

Suppose I have decided today that I want to earn an income from Google AdSense. My first work would be to do the keyword research and select a Niche with less competition but good search volume. It will be better if the Niche is a little more enormous because the more people visit your website, the better for you. Suppose I have selected the Gaming. Now my task would be to create a website on Gaming. In AdSense-style websites, it is always necessary to give too many articles. Therefore, a Blog style website would be suitable for you. So I have created the website. Now, what is the next task?

Now it is necessary to give some good articles. After you have posted 25 – 40 unique, well-researched, and good articles and after the website has attained three months, you can apply to Google AdSense. If you do it earlier, you will be rejected. Don’t worry; if left, you can use it again.

So, I shall start giving article. Besides, I open pages on all social media on games, join different gaming groups, discuss with everybody, and show my site. Thus, my site will gradually start becoming popular.

Moreover, I shall try to pull my site to the top of the search engine using different SEO techniques.

When there are enough articles and the website’s age would be three months, I will apply to Google AdSense.

How To Apply For Google Adsense Step by Step

You can apply to Google AdSense with your Gmail account. The whole process is straightforward. For using Google Adsense at first click this link – and follow the step-by-step guidelines given below.

1st step

How To Apply For Google Adsense-1st step2nd Step

How To Apply For Google Adsense-2nd step3rd Step

How To Apply For Google Adsense-3rd step

4th step

How To Apply For Google Adsense-4th step

5th Step

How To Apply For Google Adsense-5th step

6th Step

How To Apply For Google Adsense-6th step

Things you have to keep in mind before applying Adsense

  • Age should be 18 years (Official) for applying to Google AdSense. If your age is less than this, then you can use the name of your parents or any other person who has a national ID or Passport.
  • The address should be given utmost care because Google will send a Pin code at this address every Ten dollars.
  • If your site’s content is unethical hacking, adult pirated movies, software, or on any such subject, AdSense will not give you approval.
  • If you click your Ad. Or get it connected by your friends, Google is not so fooled and will cancel your AdSense account along with dollars.
  • It is said that it is easy to get Google AdSense but challenging to hold it. The word is correct in most cases. If you maintain these basics, your account will never be banned.

How much will I be able to earn?

Many Bangladeshi internet marketers (2016) have earned 2000 to 5000 dollars per month from Google AdSense. One significant benefit of Google AdSense income is that it is a Passive income. If a site once gets a stable footing, there is not much work to do. There is an arithmetic calculation about how much one can earn from Google AdSense. If you work according to this arithmetical calculation, you will touch 100 dollars per day. Before going to the arithmetic, you will have to understand some familiar terms.

How much will I be able to earn

CTR: It means Click through Rate. It calculates how many people visit your website and how many of them click, which is calculated. If 500 people visit your website page, and 5 of them click it, your CTR will be 1%.

CPC: Cost per Click. It is how much you are going to get per click. It widely varies from industry to industry. For that solar car, I might have to pay much to Google as a company, whereas an ordinary company may have to pay a much less amount.

CPM: Cost per Impression. It is the accounts of how much you are earning per 100 people. It is calculated in the same way as CTR.

As you have already understood the basic terms, let us see how we can touch the 100 dollar line per day.

Now let’s suppose that your CTR is 1%. Of 100 persons, only one person clicks on an ad. It has been counted at the minimum. Usually, the figure is higher. With this, we take that your CPC is 25 cents. It has also been calculated at the minimum. It also will be much higher.

Now, if you want to earn 100 dollars per day, your page view, according to this account, will have to be 40,000. Now, the 40,000-page view does not mean that you will need 40,000 visitors because it is not likely that only one visitor will visit only one page of your site. So, let us suppose that one visitor will see at least two pages (minimum). So you need to have 20,000 visitors.

Now, let us take that your websites have 250 articles. It sounds somewhat a significant figure, but you will fail to understand yourself if you continue posting even if the number has risen to 250.

If only 80 persons read an article per day, you will have 20,000 visitors per day. These 20,000 visitors will also read other articles on your site besides the particular item they have come to visit. So, your actual income will be much more. In this way, there must be a minimum of 400 clicks from these 20,000 visitors. And from these 400 clicks, it is very quickly possible to earn 5000 dollars in AdSense.

Now the matter is not so that only clicks will create your earning. AdSense also gives a portion, although subtle, for seeing the ad. We suppose that AdSense will pay you 2 dollars per 1000 visitors. Then additional 40 dollars are also coming per day, making an extra earning of 1200 dollars per month.

If calculated in this way, 75,000 dollars per year were coming from one of your websites.

Now, will you use your website AdSense only? If the website becomes more prominent, you can sell eBooks on your site, can launch your topic-related courses, can do affiliated marketing, and this list has no end. Again, who says that you will have to have only one website? Double your income by making another site.

Yes, all these are possible. But we do not want to go through hardship or think that it is not feasible. It does not happen actually most times.

From today (when you are viewing this article), if you start working today, you can reach this goal within one year if you worked adequately without any protest of any kind.

Some Killer Tips to Getting Google AdSense Account Quickly

How you will get Google AdSense Account

It is not difficult to get a Google AdSense account, nor is there any magic act. But you have to advance step by step in the correct method for this. In that case, the possibility of getting an AdSense account is higher. These are described below step by step for you.

Use .com,.org,.net,.info domain.

Many people think that it is possible to get Google AdSense by free domain. But to get AdSense quickly, you must use the top-level domain. It was possible to get AdSense only by applying, making a site in a Blog spot. But it is not feasible now. So, if you want to Google AdSense account quickly, it is the best way to,.org,.net,.info extension as a top-level domain.

Use WordPress as CMS

We know that WordPress is the most popular CMS nowadays. For a reason, WordPress has easy availability, means to make an excellent website without coding, search engine friendly site structure, and many more things. If you make the website with WordPress, you will get some plugins that will help you decorate your website quickly. Besides, WordPress is incomparable for the site’s content management as a precondition of getting an AdSense account is good and search engine-friendly website, so good results are expected from WordPress.

Apply for AdSense with a new Gmail account

When you apply for a Google AdSense account, use a fresh and new Google account, which must be mobile verified. A separate email should be applied for Google AdSense. If you do this, there will be less possibility of getting your essential Google AdSense email lost among the unwanted emails of your inbox.

Use the services of Google

Use all available services of Google for your account and website. Of these, the most important one is to complete a google plus account. Try to complete the 100% profile of your Google Plus account in the email you will apply to Google AdSense. It helps make your identity credible to Google. Also, complete Google author verification of your websites. Besides, add google webmaster tools and google analytics service to your site. In that case, your site will also be counted as the authority site.

Write more than 30 contents initially

Content is the life of a website. At the same time, it is the primary source of income for advertisers. So, if you want to Google AdSense account without any trouble, you will have to start a website with at least 30 articles, and it will be better if each content has a minimum of 1500 words.

At first, completely Index your site in Google

Most of us commit mistakes in this part. We will post 20 contents on the first day and apply to Google the next day, which is an entirely wrong conception. Because the advertisers will never want to give an ad. to your website if it was not indexed in Google and where the advertisers are not interested, Google will not be interested in providing you an AdSense account. So, you should continue publishing all your content for 15 to 30 days and then give 7-10 days more for indexing all the pages and then apply to Google for AdSense.

Do not apply if you do not get the minimum number of visitors

Traffic or Visitors are the principal sources of income. Even if your website is filled up with high-quality content, but there are no visitors, then your content will be valueless. Starting from Google, all advertisers will show their unwillingness to give ad. to your websites without visitors. So, you should apply for Google AdSense when a minimum of 20 visitors visits your websites every day. If the visitors are from the search engine, it is better. If those visitors come as the social referral, that also will have no problem. But attention should be on the quality of the traffic.

Optimize the On-page SEO properly

The search engine always likes on-page optimization. Because a website becomes search engine friendly only when its on-page optimization has been done correctly, you should always try that complete on-page optimization is done on your website.

Create some useful pages

This part is vital for Google AdSense. To get a Google account quickly, you must contact us about us, privacy and policy, DMCA tabs. Because if your website does not contain these pages, nobody will be able to contact you directly or know about you. And also, if there is no privacy and policy of any kind, anybody can take legal action against your website. So, to get Google AdSense, you must create these pages.

SEO Technical aspects cannot exclude

For further strengthening the authority of the website, create a sitemap.XML, robots.txt files. These files will help quick indexing of your website and will control the search bot. Besides, do internal linking of the website where interlinking is necessary. Side by side, use copyright-free images and keep the site clean as far as possible. Employing minimal color for Google AdSense will be prudent.

Bonus Tips

Make the website with a business Niche

Suppose you want to get a Google AdSense account quickly and open a website with a business topic without any trouble. Because perhaps you know that we try to find profitable keywords through keyword research. There we mainly aim to work with a keyword with a higher CPC (Cost per click). If you look, you will observe that the keywords with business links have higher CPC. For example, in ‘’Free mobile phone ringtone,” keyword CPC is $0.01 to a maximum of $1.00.But in “buy iPhone 5 32 GB,” keyword CPC is $1.00 to a maximum of $10.00 or more. Because there are no such business relations with free ringtone keyword. So there the number of advertisers is tiny. But ‘’buy iPhone 5” keyword has splendid business relationships, because 60-70 percent of those who search by writing this keyword, search for buying iPhone. So, there the competition of the advertisers is more. So, there being a more significant number of advertisers when they see the new website has opened a website on their targeted keyword, they show more interest to give ad. in that site. For this reason, when you will open any business-related website, you will see that you have got the AdSense Account easily and quickly because you have created opportunities for the advertisers to promote their product.

How to protect your much-coveted Google AdSense Account

With much hardship, working day and night, and after long waiting, at last, you have got the Google AdSense account. You are delighted. So, like telling the examination result, you informed your friend circle that you had got AdSense from this site. Days were passing well. Income is also not so bad. But suddenly, you saw the account is suspended. All your earned dollars have vanished. You could not understand how all this happened because you have not done anything that has caused the banning of the account. Later on, checking the email, you saw that your account had been banned for giving excessive clicks. At that time, there was nothing to do about this.

Such incidents have been happening every day with somebody or else. Many submit reports, but nobody gets back that account. Finally have to say that Google AdSense is wrong.

Google AdSense is not bad. Only our awareness can always keep the Google AdSense account safe.

AdSense publisher ID cannot be shared

Although we do not commit this mistake frequently, yet we may do it sometimes unmindfully. Never shared your publisher ID with anybody nor showed it online directly. Because there are many such click bombing software’s, if Publisher ID is given, can create Ad. Code automatically and start clicking. Your AdSense account has a 100% possibility of being banned.

Keep yourself 50 yards away from link shares of the website.

Of course, you have to share the link to your site for visitors’ backlinks and many more matters. But despite that, you should keep yourself away from sharing your Facebook profile because there you are known to all, and there may be the presence of some wicked people in that Facebook friends list. If mischief arose in their minds, clicks after clicks would start. Besides, many of us have problems. We cannot do well to ourselves, nor can we see the well-being of others.

For this reason, if anybody sees AdSense on a national website, he begins clicking. So, as far as possible, try not to share the link to your money site with anybody. Even if you got some article written by a freelancer, never tell him on which website you will publish them, and thus you will see that your tension about this has come down considerably.

Keep Whois info of domain confidential.

Somebody may take much of your information from the Whois of the domain. It is also possible to take out the tip of your server’s parts from only one of the information of your environment. So, if you open the Google AdSense website, you must keep the Whois of the domain secret. From where you buy the domain, if you inquire a little, you will get the information on how to take Whois guard services. Some domain providers give Whois guard free for one year.

Check your email daily.

Among the AdSense publisher who does not have this habit remain in high risk with their account. Because if there is any problem of any kind for the first time, Google will send a warning letter through email. They will give you a timeline to settle the matter. If you fail to resolve the issue within that timescale, your account is 100% sure to get a ban. So, log in to your Google AdSense account at least once a day and see any fraud click. From which country are more visitors coming, how is CPC, and whether there is any inconsistency? On checking email, If you find any warning, try to settle it immediately.

From the experience of my initial time, I can say that I was detached from the internet only for four days, and in the meantime, one of my 300 dollar accounts got banned. I was then new and did not understand much. The account got banned for using copyright images. Google informed me through email that there will be no problem if I can remove it within the next three days. But I failed to do that and, for that reason, had to be banned in cash. So, you must keep vigilance on this.

Identify fraud click

If you see that the number of fraud clicks is increasing on your website, you can report to Google in their invalid click contact form. But for that, you will need sufficient and detailed information such as the IP number of the person who clicked when clicked, etc. But you will not get this information from the dashboard of Google AdSense nor even from google analytics. But there are also ways.

Use StatCounter – Free Invisible Web Tracker on your website. From this stat site, you can easily see which IP clicked in which Ad. format, how many times clicked, and when clicked. You can track everything from here. So, this is the best way to identify fraud clicks.

When you observe that repeatedly clicks in your advertisement from the same IP, send a report to Google by filling Invalid Clicks Contact Form.

Then Google will examine everything, and if they find that you have not done this yourself, they will keep your account in Google’s safe zone.

Keep your website copyrighted content free.

Never publish other people’s hard-earned articles, photos, videos to your blog in your name. If you do mean such work, you can be confident that your account will be banned if they report googling AdSense. So, if you ever deem it essential to keep some others content on your website, you must mention the source and link. Say no to paid traffic and click exchange.

Were you thinking of running Google AdSense by bringing paid traffic? Or exchange your AdSense click with others, then you may be sure that your account will not be alive for long. These two things are emphasized strongly in their policy. Google always wants that their clients not to suffer loss and may remain happy. For this reason, Google is stringent on this matter.

Use plugin to stop fraud click

For those who have created the website in WordPress, there is an excellent plugin for them to stop fraud click. You can quickly stop fraud click by using AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin. If this plugin is used, if anybody clicks your Ad more than 2-3 times, he will not be able to see the ad. on your site, which means even if he wishes, he will not click your ad. anymore. Due to this, invalid clicks will reduce considerably in your account. On the other hand, StatCounter is the most powerful Google AdSense click fraud detection software.

If you can follow the above things regularly, it is hoped that your account will remain in the safe zone forever. So awareness is more important than all these matters. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you will identify the problem quickly and solve them too.

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