What is Google Birthday Surprise Spinner & How to Play it?

It has been 21 years since the birth of Google, and today once can easily argue that they are the most prominent internet company on the planet, not through profit or the amount of money they make, but through the sheer number of people who are incredibly dependent on the web application. Google has been through several updates and changes, and all of them have been for the better. They have defeated several top contenders like Yahoo and Bing! There is a reason why Google is what it is today – an internet giant.

First of all, Google has a habit of keeping up with the trend. Also, through the years, they have seen several changes that have nothing to do with being a search engine. Some of them are introducing different other web applications like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Classroom. These extensive introductions and minor other things like Google days and Google doodles make it a complete joy using Google instead of other search engines like Yahoo.

For the first, Google gives updates given on your location; this means that suppose it is the teacher’s day in your country, and Google will update its logo as such. If it is liberation day, it will show you as such; and, if it’s an international event, then the logo will update as such, like Valentine’s Day.

Google Birthday Spinner – Google Doodles

Google’s logo updates are closely related to what you know today as Google Doodles. Google was officially formed on 27th September 1998; however, not even Larry Page and Sergey Bin know its actual birth date. However, in this particular instance, that is not a piece of relevant information. On 27th September 2017, Google saw its 19th birthday; and on this specific day, the company launched what you know today as the Google Birthday Spinner.

However, before you go directly into what the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner is, you have to know that logo changes on special days are not the only thing that is up in Google’s sleeves. If you are friendly with Google, you will know that there have been times when Google had numerous small games where the logo sits today. Some famous example is the Google doodle cricket game, Google pepper game, Google pangolin game, Google piñata game, and Google pony express game. All of these games were beside the Google logo on one memorable occasion or another.

These irrelevant, but never the more minor, mindful updates are some of the many reasons why Google is what it is today. That aside, on its 19th birthday, Google introduced something like Google’s 19th birthday spinner. This Surprise Spinner brought together 19 of Google’s best Doodle Games ever introduced. The spinner included all of the games that are mentioned above and then some!

Doodle Games!

As you know, the Doodle games had absolutely nothing to do with a search engine. However, even as such, people spent a considerable amount of time with these games. This is because each of these games was thoughtful and is still fun to play. Also, since they are games of the past, and each had been a master of its class during its time, each of the games brought about a sense of nostalgia that caught you in its grasp the moment you laid eyes on them.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner had 19 different sections, and each of these sections pointed to a specific game of the past. All you had to do is spin the wheel using a button, and the pointer would soon land on a particular section that had a specific game on it. Then all you had to do is click on the logo, and that game would load on for you to play. This is how the “Google 19th birthday spinner” worked.

If you want to get familiar with these games and doodles, these are some of the best that the spinner had –

  1. Pac-Man Doodle Game!

See what I mean when these games bring about a sense of nostalgia? There is no way that you have not ever heard of Pac-Man. This might be the most famous game of all time, and especially when you consider numerous other games like snake, Tetris, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

However, the Pac-Man doodle is not your typical run-of-the-mill Pac-Man. Instead, like all of Google’s past doodles, the game had its touch of Google. The entire map of Pac-Man had a unique Google design that differentiates it from the original Pac-Man. People might seem to see this particular game as a time pass; however, since its initial release in 2010, people have spent more than 5 million hours on this specific deviation of a game!

  1. The pony expresses google doodle.

This doodle saw its release in 2015, and it became hugely popular in the U.S.A. partly because of its western-style theme. The game is straightforward yet quite challenging once you get into it. The game starts with you clicking on a letter, which then goes into a bag and later strapped into the saddle of your pony.

As the game starts, you move the pony through five different lanes, which contain random letters throughout the stage. The trick here is to collect the letters while carefully maneuvering about the obstacles throughout each route. However, as you move about, the difficulty increases with time. This game is entertaining and the perfect doodle to pass away your time if you ever find yourself bored.

P.S. You do not need to worry about crashing with the obstacles as there are respawns available!

  1. Google cricket doodle game

The spinner was introduced in 2017, and that is the same year the I.C.C. Champions Trophy was held in the U.K. To commemorate the famed Cricket Tournament, which was played between 8 International teams, Google designed the all-famous Cricket Doodle. This doodle instantly gained fame throughout the cricket world as fans tried the games multiple times with friends and family to see who can score the highest run.

Since bowling can be such a hassle, you only need to bat and continuously at that. The game is between crickets and snails, with you being the cricket, holding a bat. The only backside is that the scoreboard can keep three digits, and therefore, you cannot go beyond the score of 999!

Nevertheless, that is an entertaining game to play, and you and your friends can have a friendly competition anywhere and at any time.

  1. Google doodle Theremin

As you can guess, this is the first doodle on the list that is not a game. However, that does not mean that this is not a popular one. This doodle has gained more recognition than most other games.

Clara Rockmore’s Theremin doodle was played more times than you can count. However, even though this is not as popular as the animated Beethoven Doodle, people still spent quite a lot of time listening to music.

  1. Google Snake High Score!

What can be more fun than going all out against the world? That is what the famous game “The Snake” brought to the table. No game in the world is more fun or played than the infamous snake game. Once upon a time, when Nokia phones flooded the market, people spent many days playing this game.

Like a classic snake game, all you have to do is collect the apples that spawn randomly across the map. It seems fun, right?

This is the perfect example of time pass and competition. The high score is listed on a scoreboard, and if you have the will and might of a great player, you can play it until you beat it!

  1. S. P. L. Sørensen

You cannot end the Google doodle list without putting this game on the list. If you do not know who Sorensen was, then you should Google his life. However, in short, Sorensen was the person who invented the P.H. scale.

This is a guessing game that is both fun and informative. You get six different items in the game that you have to guess if it’s either acidic and has a P.H. rating of below seven or alkaline and has a P.H. rating of over 7. After you think all of them right, the six items get together and form the Google logo! You do not have to fear guessing wrong since there is no penalty! It is just a good education.

While these are some of the best Google Birthday Surprise Spinners have ever created for us, these are not the only ones. There are fourteen more doodles like these that are just as fun to play or hear. The google piñata games, the google hot pepper game, and many others are still there on the internet for you to play. If you feel feisty, you can still spin the wheel of Google’s surprise birthday doodle and play the game that is your fate. However, each of these games is not exclusive to the surprise spinner alone, and you can easily find it in Google’s doodle archive any time you want.

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