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Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. As an idea, Outsourcing in Bangladesh is not a new one. Preferably in recent time, the ‘outsourcing’ trend has gained so much popularity and acceptance in Bangladesh that people from different levels of society are coming into this profession. This new phenomenon is transforming Bangladesh into a brand new nation. There is no doubt that by working in the outsourcing arena, in the coming future, Bangladeshi people will find a remedy for unemployment and also be able to bring a revolution in economic development.

Outsourcing in Bangladesh

What is outsourcing

The term ‘outsourcing’ became popular in the early 21st century in the United States. Basically, ‘outsourcing’ means to ask another party to work on a contractual basis. Organizations outsource for cutting costs. Recently outsourcing is not only about reducing costs, but it’s also about accessing skilled expertise in the global market to achieve quality works. Now outsourcing is becoming more common in information technology and other industries for services.

What is Online outsourcing
In the early 21st century, one of the most considerable changes came when people started to use online technologies (Internet) for outsourcing. They began to use online outsourcing as a way to provide ‘service delivery business’ which can do virtually anywhere and anytime. It is also known as freelancing, and people working on it are known as freelancers. Online outsourcing allows reducing the need for hiring and training specialized staffs. The chance of bringing in new expertise has increased. Online outsourcing also lessens the capital and operating expense.

Available Online outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh
At present, people are getting involved in various types of online outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh. IT related tasks like Data Entry, Graphics Design, Software Design, and Development, Web Designing, Multimedia, Search engine Optimization (SEO) are the most popular online outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh.

A rising number of training centers for providing outsourcing knowledge
Currently, a trend of outsourcing training in Bangladesh is developing. A good number of private outsourcing training centers have grown up in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka and Chittagong. Day by day, the number is rising high. Some of these training centers are providing excellent training in doing outsourcing jobs. Advance IT Institute is one of the best training centers among the outsourcing training centers in Dhaka. It is trying to give people knowledge and guidance about outsourcing techniques. It has arranged various types of training modules on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Web Design, Graphics Design, Affiliate Marketing. It is playing a vital role in producing successful freelancers who can work in the international outsourcing market. Advance IT Institute to train people how to earn money online from home, how to communicate with the buyers, payment system, etc. Thus it is contributing to outsourcing training in Bangladesh. The outsourcing training centers in Dhaka are also oDesk job training centers. oDesk is the world’s largest online workplace for professional freelancers.

Present condition and attempts for inspiring outsourcing

In recent years, through online outsourcing, a large number of entrepreneurs and individuals with their hard work and talent are contributing to society and the country. According to BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services), more than 1 Lac Bangladeshi freelancers are working across the world. Accumulating all of the cash that Bangladeshi freelancers are earning about one crore BDT per day from various freelancing marketplaces. For the past few years, BASIS has been arranging an award program every year to inspire more people in doing online outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh. A total of one hundred (100) awards has given in four (4) categories in BASIS Outsourcing Award 2014.

Enhancement of women freelancing career in Bangladesh
The most common reasons for female unemployment in Bangladesh are the hostile working environment, different types of social issues, including family support, road safety, etc. For these matters, sometimes women don’t get help from their family for working outside. Gender discrimination is a burning issue in Bangladesh. Women usually get less money for the same amount of work than their male coworkers.

Above issues can be solved by enhancing women freelancing in Bangladesh. An outsourcing or freelancing career can be an excellent opportunity for women in Bangladesh. In this way, they can get the chance to manage their family and continue their career.

Advantages of doing outsourcing jobs for women in Bangladesh

  • Home-based work
  • Freedom of choosing working hours and time
  • No gender discrimination
  • Diversity of work
  • Learning opportunities
  • Opportunities for building up technological skills
  • Lots of chances for taking intellectual challenges
  • Good source of huge income

Initiatives for motivating women in freelancing career

  • The government has taken actions to create 55,000 freelancers at root level in Upazilla in 2014. Out of the total number of freelancers, 20,000 would be women of Union and Upazila levels who will get primary IT Literacy and outsourcing training.
  • Bangladesh Open Source Network along with some prominent women freelancers in the country are trying to promote the idea of women freelancing in Bangladesh. Different World-renowned outsourcing marketplace, including oDesk, Freelancer, Elance has spread their hands to this campaign.
  • BASIS has introduced a particular category for female freelancers to their award program in 2014 to encourage women freelancing in Bangladesh.
  • Recently, one private training center among outsourcing training centers in Dhaka has offered free outsourcing courses to train up 200 women through a selection process.

A recent ranking of Bangladesh in outsourcing

  • Bangladesh is selected as one of the best spots for IT outsourcing
  • AT Kearney Global has selected Bangladesh among best places for IT jobs outsourcing. AT Kearney Global is the world’s renowned and leading management consulting firm. It has ranked 51 countries worldwide as the best destinations for outsourcing of software and IT-enabled services. It has published a report which stated that it had marked Bangladesh among the best spots for IT jobs outsourcing. Bangladesh has secured the top place among 51 countries, including India, China, Australia, Canada and the UK regarding ‘Financial Attractiveness.’ In the index, Bangladesh has got the 26th position. Among the listed countries, India has obtained the 1st position, Pakistan in the 25th position, the United Kingdom (UK) gained 27th, Canada 37th; Australia ranked 49th and Ireland got the lowest place.
  • Bangladesh became 3rd in the list of top ten on Upwork
  • The study of AT Kearney Global says that Bangladesh has become a central point for outsourcing jobs via online marketplaces such as oDesk. Bangladesh has shown tremendous improvement in oDesk. In 2009, the country accounted for only 2% of the total hours worked on oDesk. At present, it accounts for 10%. Bangladesh has become the 3rd (third) country for contractors on oDesk. It is now behind two countries, the Philippines, and India. It has moved quickly to the forefront of entrepreneurial activity.

Possibilities of tremendous success in outsourcing

  • The reasons that can drive Bangladesh to get immense success in outsourcing are:
  • Primary requirements for outsourcing are cheap and straightforward. All that is needed is just a Computer with an internet connection and proper skill.
  • Bangladesh has a young, educated and enthusiastic workforce that is willing for more economic opportunity.
  • The amount of income obtained by doing online outsourcing jobs is impressive compared to the living standard and average salaries of Bangladesh.
  • The freelancers in Bangladesh can offer quality services at a cheaper rate than other countries.

Existing obstacles in outsourcing

Some obstacles still exist in the sector of outsourcing in Bangladesh. The barriers are:

  • Costly and slow speed internet connection
  • Electricity load shedding problem
  • Communication barrier (Knowledge of English is not up to the standard for communicating with the foreign buyers)
  • Payment System is not suitable for the international money transaction.
  • Lack of Patience and proper skill

Government’s steps for enhancing outsourcing in Bangladesh

  • On 25th January 2014, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has approved 180 core BDT on outsourcing training in Bangladesh. The training project is known as ‘Learning and Earning Program.’ This project was to create employment opportunity for the young unemployed educated people at the Upazila and union levels.
  • In 2013 Bangladesh earned 20 million US dollars from the outsourcing sector. We hope the amount would be at least double in 2019. Under Government’s first phase ‘Learning and Earning program,’ 15,000 freelancers have already been developed. They have started to contribute to earning along with freelancers working at an individual level.
  • To create 55,000 freelancers at the root-level, the Government has taken steps to launch the second phase ‘Learning and Earning Program’ at upazillas in 2014.
  • The government is working to turn the 4516 Union Information Service Centers (UISCs) of the country as a mini freelancing center. Freelancers to be developed under ‘Learning and Earning program’ will get the chance for working in the UISCs.

Plans and prospects of outsourcing in Bangladesh

  • The development in the IT sector in Bangladesh has been in the last five years. The number of internet users has increased from 13 lakhs to 4 crores 80 lakhs. In the future, this figure will continue to grow, which will help to improve the outsourcing business.
  • For the first time, Bangladesh IT services have included in AT Kearney’s report GSLI (Global Services Location Index). It will attract Foreign Investors to invest in IT sector of Bangladesh. This will also enhance the outsourcing industry and develop more freelancers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is presently securing the 26th position. BASIS will work to bring Bangladesh within the top 10 countries.
  • Government plans to develop entrepreneurs from the freelancers. Then promote these entrepreneurs as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) professionals who would contribute to earning foreign currency.
  • The government will launch a program soon to create master trainers. They will train the selected people across the country to develop as outsourcing professionals, entrepreneurs, and BPO professionals.

At present, Bangladesh has become the primary destination for outsourcing business. Recently, the European Commission has selected Bangladesh as an ideal destination for outsourcing in the world. BASIS (Bangladesh Associations for Software and Information Services), BCC (Bangladesh Computer Council), the apex body of Bangladesh IT software and service providers (IT & BPO), BCS (Bangladesh Computer Samity) are working to build up and expand the sector of outsourcing. In the international outsourcing marketplace, the share of Bangladesh goes up day by day. Selection of Bangladesh among best spot for IT jobs is a prestigious issue. In spite of many obstacles in outsourcing, the opportunities are immense.

There are many ways to start an outsourcing business in Bangladesh. First of all, you have to know, what is outsourcing? Outsourcing is a process in which an individual or company performs service or manufacture products for another company. If you correctly used it will take the active cost-saving business.

Importance of outsourcing business in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a small country with a large population. There are not enough job fields as required. So many peoples are unemployed after completing education. Some of them get government or private job or start their own business. Freelancing or outsourcing is the vast marketplace which is the online basis. At present more than two lacs Bangladeshi are doing the outsourcing job that is earning more than one core BDT from varies marketplace. It is high time to start an outsourcing business in Bangladesh. Before giving a jump in this marketplace, we need a clear idea about it. How I can get a perfect concept about this international marketplace. Without a plan, we can’t go ahead. If you have not basic idea about computer and the internet, you are not eligible for this marketplace.

How to start outsourcing business in Bangladesh
Suppose you have a good idea about outsourcing business. Now, how you start it. You can start this business in two ways. First, build a website or a blog on your own and try to rank it by search engine optimization. Second, you can complete the task like Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, etc. As an SEO expert, there is a lot of opportunities to improve in this sector. You can get smart paid by others if you be an SEO expert. It is not imagined how many websites are building day by day. An e-commerce site is one of them. Products are selling or buy online from this. Now a day everybody is very much busy with their job. They have not enough time to go market and choose products. So most of them are buy online from a house.

WordPress is another foremost CMS to develop a website. It is open source software. Anybody can build a dynamic website or blog by using WordPress. You can also make a dynamic website by Joomla, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. Data entry is another way to earn money online. There is a lot of data entry job in the marketplace. It is effortless and need not any experience or need not know to program. Article or content writing is another best way to earn money online. Quality content writing can make a profession for you. There is different content writing like health content, blog content, technical content writing, etc. Nowadays starting from filtering email to many major activities is being done by outsourcing. Business is all about growth. Outsourcing allows disseminating the jobs-creating opportunities to grow the business. Here the goodness of outsourcing lies.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money by selling different products from other companies. Now a day a significant amount of Bangladeshi peoples are included in affiliate marketing. To make from this market, you have to build a niche site where different types of products show its reviews and characteristics. It is clear that Bangladeshi people can start the outsourcing business with any process mentioned earlier to earn millions of foreign exchange. Bangladesh government gives many facilities to start such types of business. So all kinds of help you can get by the start outsourcing business form ministry of information and technology, Bangladesh.

In conclusion, it can be said that success comes in any field when three things are combined:

  • To be in the right track at the right time
  • To be smart and swift enough to identify the opportunity and
  • To be skilled enough to work on the occasion.

People of Bangladesh should pull these three things together to show the world their talent and success in the arena of outsourcing in Bangladesh.

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