10 Tips You Should Know For Getting Hired as a Content Writer

There are specific tips you need to know if you are a content writer. Many people are hired and don’t require switching. However, many are those too who look for work now and then. There must sometimes be in your life when you wanted to apply for a position in the category of content writing, but, due to minor errors in your resume, you were not selected.  Even sometimes, it is not a matter of mistakes; it is about how appealing your CV is.

A resume plays an important role when it comes to getting hired. The minor errors or inappropriate format becomes a hurdle for you. To get rid of these problems, we have something important and fundamental for your resume.

Following are the tips for those writers who want to improve their resume format and the content details mentioned inside.


“The first impression is the last impression.” Yes! This is true in this case. One creates a reflection of his/her writing skills through his/her resume. Mention your details which include name, education status, and email address and phone number at the top of your resume. So the person reading your resume would be able to communicate with you quickly, once he knows your data.


First thing first, if you are a content writer then your resume should be free of errors like grammatical errors, punctuation errors and paraphrasing errors. This is the reflection of your writing, so you need to be extra careful while writing the resume. Long story short, the writing skills must be perfect!


The reader is never interested in the stories of your journey towards content writing. You should always keep the resume short and concise. There shouldn’t be any details about the feelings you had when you started it for the first time. Keep it to the point. Give timelines according to the experiences you have had. Try to write in bullet form rather than in paragraphs.


Never miss out on your skills especially of the articles that were posted on the internet. Always mention the places where you worked before and attach the links to your writings. This creates a professional impact on the reader. Also, indicate your fluency with content management systems (CMS) and related software.


Do not write extra details at the beginning of your resume. You need to give your education timeline, your interests, and other skills at the end. The reader is least interested to know how good you are at the things that do not relate to content writing. He has nothing to do with the other data so always mention his field of interest on the top.

These were some basic tips one should know before creating a resume. If you get selected and get shortlisted for an interview then, are you prepared enough to cross the river? There are many types of meetings like stress interview, call interview, panel interview, group interview, etc. You must buckle up for every race you stand for. So, we have some basics that will help you win every type of competition. Let us proceed to the five essential points that a content writer must know if he has to appear in an interview.


Talking about an interview, it is necessary to be punctual. The organization of his life always judges a person. Organizing needs times and proper use of time is the key to management. Punctuality is the most attractive thing as a content writer because this tells how dangerous you are with tight deadlines. To impress the interviewer, you need to appear before time.


Since content writing itself is not a formal job, therefore, a semi-informal look would do just fine. However, this does not mean that you go for an interview in a completely casual look. Choose the outfit you think you look best in. There is no need to be extra formal with clothing and accessories but make sure you do not dress up like you are heading to a party. Keep it medium.


This is 95% the first asked question in an interview. The motive behind this question is to analyze your personality. Most of the people think the interviewer wants to know about your details, but that is not the case. It is a straightforward question, but people always find it the most confusing one as it is open-ended. You should start with your schooling and studies. Mention your interests and speak confidently.


This question is sometimes difficult for people to answer. Some people even fear that if they tell their weak points, it might result in losing the job opportunity. However, there is a trick to answer this question which will save you from evil impressions. Convey such points as your weak ones that they seem like your strong points. For example, tell them you are a stickler for grammar. This is a big plus point for you as a content writer.


If you have mentioned your skills for SEO, then it is preferred that you give a thorough read of all the basics before you leave for an interview. You should know every detail about it because if the interviewer is an expert in SEO, it might be wrong luck for you if you do not have the same level of information.

The above key points are easy to learn. Once you get a firm hold on all these tips, the interview procedure is going to be easy for you. Get control of your appearance, talking skills, and your wittiness; you will quickly clear the interviews. Work a little hard on all the tips mentioned above. You will surely feel a change in your personality when you will appear for an interview.

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