10 Newsworthy Reasons Why Press Release Should be Part of Your Campaign

The press release is a valuable marketing tool for every business, whether you are a startup or a favorite brand. Why should you send out announcements?

Each time you have a useful and newsworthy announcement to make, issue a release. Otherwise, it’s not going to help you, and you are just wasting your and other people’s time.

A well-written release can do some things. It can get the word out and spread your story to the media and the public.

Issuing releases can help build awareness and promotion of your products or services. The good news is that distributing press releases shouldn’t cost you too much when done correctly. 

Here is a list that can guide you on choosing newsworthy topics to issue a release:

Launching a new business

Everyone with a new business should issue a release to inform the public their new offer.

However, only writing that you have a new business like “Hey, we are opening a new fast-food chain” isn’t going to click.

It’s dry and dull. No one will pay attention to this kind of story. If you want to grab your audience’s attention, give them a reason to do it.

Provide a sharp angle that would compel them to read your announcement. A high angle would hook them to engage with your brand.

Don’t just focus on your business’s grand opening. State why it matters. Give people a reason why your business exists.

What benefit would they get from you? Always state the benefits that they are most likely to receive. Only then they would be interested in engaging with your brand.

Launching a new product or service

Do you have an upcoming product or service to be out soon? Issue a release to inform the media about it.

Once they write and publish it, the public will know your offer. Like when opening a new business, launching a new product or service give people a newsworthy reason why they should read your release.

For example, if you are releasing a new multi-purpose traveling bag, which benefits it? Why is it significant? Why should people buy your product?

Always tell your audience what they are going to get from your offer. If you can’t tell them one or two newsworthy reasons, they wouldn’t spend time with you.

Introducing a new method or technique

Are you launching new technology in your process? It’s a great reason to issue a release. Inform your audience why your new plan is essential in your company, how it differs in the industry, and how it will help change the lives of other people.

Issue a release to update them about a significant development in your process. Many people can benefit from it, not only the media but as well as investors, customers, and your competitors.

Receiving an honor or award

Are you gaining recognition or distinction from a reputable award-giving body in your industry or association? It’s time to issue a release.

A release is an effective way to share this remarkable achievement with the public. It helps build your credibility and authority in your niche.

Just imagine when people discover that you are an accomplished doctor who received an award for being the best medical practitioner this year? You will attract more leads and patients. People will regard you as an expert physician.

Just like when you were chosen as a top manufacturing business, you’ll receive more inquiries. Investors will be interested in collaborating with you.

You’ll receive more sales. People will be attracted to choose you than any other choices in the market.


Are you collaborating or partnering with a new business? Let the media know about it so that they can share it with the world.

Collaboration is a positive thing for your business. It is a sign of growth.

It’s a great way to let people know that your business is expanding. People trust brands that can show that they are growing. You build your credibility when people begin to believe you.

If you are collaborating with a new company, issue a release. A sign of growth is positive news for your business. Always inform your audience how your collaboration will benefit them.

When you issue a release, explain how the collaboration can help your audience. Perhaps, the partnership will lead to more store branches that can serve more people. This is good news for you to widen your reach and sales.

Announcing a company milestone

Are you going to celebrate your 25th anniversary in the business, or are you approaching your first 20,000 patients? It’s right timing to issue a release.

Whenever you are reaching an important milestone in your business, don’t forget to issue a release. Journalists are attracted to this kind of story.

People are also excited to read such stories of achievement, growth, and development. They want to know what’s the secret how you reached that stage. They want to discover how you faced obstacles, or manage your business.

This is why storytelling is an integral part of a release. People will connect to you instantly when they discover how you reached such milestone in your company.

Announcing a new study

Are you a team of doctors or researchers? Issuing a release about the result of your research is one great way to advertise its development.

Of course, it’s not only about the update of your study. You want to inform people that it will benefit them. Write how the result can help them improve their lives.

Use data to make it easy for them to digest the results. You can include info-graphic that makes it easier to interpret complex data.

Why do you think the outcome of your research can impact people? Could you explain how it can help them?

For example, if your study is about the cure for HIV/AIDS, it’s such a groundbreaking study that impacts many people. Issuing a release can help people know how it can cure them, or their loved ones.

Announcing a charity movement

Are you launching a charity event or making a huge donation in a government institution? Helping others is a great way to show that you care about others.

This is a good time to issue a release to let others know that your business is taking part in the community. It’s a positive point for your business to show that you are making an effort to help and improve other people’s lives.

It helps build your credibility and reputation. People trust brands that are truthful, generous and care about people.

Keep in mind that people are naturally emotional. Once they see that you care about them, they will be loyal to you.

Changing a company name or brand

There may be changes in your business that can impact you a lot, including improving your brand name. Some companies choose to change their brand name when re positioning their business in the market.

When you are planning to undergo these changes, you need proper communication. Before making it public, inform your employees and stakeholders first. You can make an announcement and explain the critical objective, a study that supports your re-branding, and what changes are happening.

Issue a release, write a blog and create a social media post. When distributing a statement for your re-branding, make it immediately to avoid confusing your audience. Always emphasize its benefits for your stakeholders and customers.

Announcing a speaking engagement

Do you have an upcoming speaking engagement? It’s time to issue a release to amplify the announcement.

Writing a release about your scheduled speaking stint in a conference or seminar, whether you are having a solo presentation, or joining a panelist, it can boost your career and business at the same time.

Issuing a release before the main event can drive more attendees to the fact. Reporters can ask to interview you and cover it. A release helps build awareness of your event and your brand.

When you speak at an event and share your expertise and point of view, you position yourself as an industry leader. You help people to become aware of information that they may not possibly know, without attending the event.

Overall, speaking in an event helps people to become updated with the changes in the industry. They become more informed about changes and developments, happening around them.

When you share your knowledge, people will begin to trust you that you are a thought leader. This can boost leads, customers and sales.

Don’t forget to distribute releases when you are planning to speak in various events and occasions.

The Benefits of Press Releases

Final Thought

When you already know the reasons to issue a release, make sure that you write a newsworthy, exciting and relevant release each time. Study how you can produce well-written content that gets picked up by the media.

Remember that it’s not wrong to toot your own horn. If you’re not going to announce it, how will others get informed?