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Is there anything you want to share with our community? Are you interested to write for us? 

If your answer is YES, then two more questions for you guys.

Q1: Do you have any expertise on content marketing, blogging or outsourcing area?

Q2: Is there any unique perspective in your mind to work in this industry with an utmost level of confidence?

All of our question answer you think on the positive manner and say strong yes; then read carefully and try your level best do work with.

Basically, we are all time look forward to those people who are ready to go and passion to share expertise on their interest field.

Quicker guideline to start sharing your thought with our community:

1500+ words length article must be ensured by you before deliver your article: this is actually for our rules, also this is our philosophy from the day one, because we want a detail with a full off the informative article, which is bold enough for the expert reader.

Hundred percent unique articles will be taken: we are not interested to take fake, spun or copy paste articles. So, have to be careful and have ensured the uniqueness of your article.

Author Bio necessity on your article: this is most important things because we post an article against the individual. It also proves that this article is yours.

The article must be suitable for following topics: your article have to suitable for blogging, content writing, content marketing, social media, online marketing, outsourcing, WordPress friendly writing or must be user-friendly for all tools those we are mention previously, of course, article must be up to date with the time concern.

The Article must be readable: these very important criteria, because our reader from the young generation to the senior citizen of this time era. So, use of words on the article carefully and at the same time graceful, easy to read and so on. Before submitting the article please check grammar, spelling and read it personally during editing and after editing, if necessary, read this loudly which helps you to correct your sentence structure rebuilding, if there is any mistake.

Make sure yourself you choosing topic didn’t cover previously: we know its little bit time consuming to search on archives to find is your selected topic did not cover by others previously. But you know, a unique article only reaches the audience demand for a long time on a platform.

Follow our general writing style: first of all, you have to ensure that your article does not match with any other article that already published on the same platform on a scale of 100 percent. But you can read some article to understand what style formation we follow for previous writing and then start your writing.

Then again we mention some writing format style here: on time breakup and use header can shape your writing. In case of sentence making, please make sure that your sentence structure must be shorter and meaningful because people like shorter sentence then longer sentence. Confirming unnecessary word reduction that may occur during your writing. In terms of writing a hypothesis part you may use passive language but in case of writing general part, you have to use active language for taking 100 percent concentration from the reader. The active language also helps you prove your statement are correct and most importantly audience believe your writing and love your way of writing.

Hope you guys are ready to share your thought and core believe with our community and make knowledge exchange relationship with us. Keep writing, keep connecting with us.


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You can send the article straight to advanceitcenter@gmail.com or send your topic ideas to see if it matches our blog.