I’m Feeling Curious : Google Tricks and Fun

There is nothing worse than being in the office, a park, or just at home being bored out of life. There are times where you feel that nothing you do will beat off that boredom. However, thanks to Google, you now get to stave off that boredom using numerous tricks that Google has created just for you to pass the time. The “I’m feeling curious” trick is just one drop in a bucket full of water. Google has a multitude of other tricks that are spread and discussed throughout the internet. However, people have every reason to believe that with all the experiments and discoveries, that Google still has much to offer; we just all have to find out.

There are numerous other tricks that you can talk about. For example, there are several Google gravity tricks you can play with, and some make the homepage a zero-gravity zone that will completely baffle your friends. However, there is also a gravity trick where everything on the Google homepage falls on the bottom of the screen, like a high gravity situation.

There are several other tricks like the one where you can make it a real pain for people to use google since changing letters from small case to capital case becomes impossibly hard. One way to know about several of these tricks is to Google all about them. Each of the tricks is so intricate and complex that each needs an article of its own.

However, today, you get to go “in-depth” on one of Google’s most famous and fun tricks of all time, and it is the “I’m feeling curious” trick. You must know several things about “I’m feeling curious” before you master it.

  • The Beginning –

The “I’m feeling curious” trick first came into play in 2015. Unlike most other schemes, Google announced the launch of the process. The announcement signifies the importance of the feature quite a lot since most other tricks do not get the same hospitality.

It was launched in September of 2015, which means that this has been around for almost five years! Also, based on the fact that the feature is fun and educational, we can safely assume that Google will not remove the part anytime soon.

  • It is Extremely Informative –

This is where the “I’m feeling curious” excels at; the feature is very informative, and you can pass your day away with unlimited and fun facts about anything and everything on the internet. For example, when you google “I’m Feeling Curious,” it will return many different questions that people generally have but never know the answer to. One search result might return the question – Is sign language the same in other countries? Now, this is a valid question that you might not know. Also, this question must come to mind for any student who is looking to study sign language.

This is just one example out of many that you get when using this interesting Google feature. One other might be – How many miles per hour does the Earth go around the Sun?

The time you spend on this neat little trick is entirely dependent on what type of person you are. Some people can spend an entire day just gobbling up the unlimited amount of information presented by Google. Other people spend around five minutes before feeling bored yet again.

YouTube has many videos where people have stated that these little bits’ information is sometimes quite handy at school and even in their career. How knows, one day you will walk into a job viva, and you may get a question that you already know from Google!

  • It Paves the Way to Other Google Tricks –

As stated before, the “I’m feeling curious” trick is not the only feature Google has up its sleeves. This feature will unlock the way to many other tricks that Google has. One perfect example is “Get local time anywhere.” This feature will allow you to instantly see the local time of any city in the world. The local time trick is neat if you want to synchronize times with your family and friends outside. Gamers will especially feel this a mandatory feature since there are always friends outside of the country or even on the opposite of the globe.

This is just one of the hundreds of tricks that Google has for you to take advantage of. If you take time learning even some of these features, you will feel the effect that technology and Google has in your life and in the right way.

Some Interesting “I’m Feeling Curious” finds for you!

When the feature was first released in the old days, Google randomly presented you with an interesting question that you would love to know the answer to. When you put the statement in the query box, the random question would appear. Then, if you wanted to look for a new question to find the answer to, all you had to do was press the “Ask Another Question” button, and another random question would appear. Even now, you will rarely find a question that you know the answer to. All one can say is that is how smart Google is.

Also, when “I’m feeling curious” was popular, other tricks started to come up. Some of the most interesting ones that relieve you of boredom are –

  1. Fun Fact.
  2. I’m feeling stellar.
  3. I’m feeling trendy.
  4. I’m feeling wonderful.
  5. I’m feeling playful.
  6. I’m feeling puzzled.
  7. I’m feeling Doodley.
  8. I’m feeling generous.
  9. I’m feeling artistic.

And of course,

  1. I’m feeling curious.

All of these queries will give you results according to the feeling you Google. For example, “I’m feeling trendy” would give you the latest trends that are currently out there. They may range from fashion to the latest gadgets. The “I’m feeling generous” query would give you access to different charities you can donate to. The “Fun fact” query produces results that are very similar to “I’m feeling curious”; however, those are much more interesting and sometimes quite funny.

Apart from the similar queries, here are some of the most interesting “I’m feeling curious” questions you can know the answer to –

  • How many miles per hour does the Earth Earth rotate around the Sun?

This is an exciting question almost all of us have in mind. But for some reason, none of us ever find the answer.

The surface of the EarthEarth at the equator travels approximately 24,898 miles per hour that roughly equivalents to 11,130 meters per second. However, the earth orbits at about 67,000 miles per hour around the Sun.

  • What did Bruce Lee Study?

Almost all of us know of Bruce Lee. He is probably the most famous action star of all time. However, almost none, except the most dedicated fans, truly knows his background and what he studied.

Bruce is a student of Ip Man, who is the most famous Wing Chun Master of all time. The martial arts master himself has more movies of his life than you can count. However, most of them are fictional. Bruce Lee first started under Ip Man when he was just 16 years old. This happened just after he lost a fight with rival gang members at school.

  • Can a goalkeeper score by throwing the ball?

This is an interesting question that most football fans have, and yes, a goalkeeper can score that way. There is no specific rule out there that can negate this particular action. The rule book clearly says that the play starts when the goalkeeper releases the ball, no matter the way.

  • What causes red hair?

This question is most famous in Ireland and the United States. Red hair is scarce, and only about 1 to 2 percent of the Earth’sEarth’s population has red hair. This means that out of almost 7.5 billion people on EarthEarth, only 150 million have red hair!

Research shows that red hair mostly comes from a mutation of genes called MC1R. This means that you might not have red hair if both your parents have so!

There are people out there who say that technology makes you lazy and a massive waste of time. However, this is just a misconception, mainly from the older generation. This misconception is evident when you go to countries in South-Eastern Asia. While the statement is true to some extent, it is not always so. The e-commerce sites, Facebook, Google all bring the entire world in the palm of your hands. This amount of information and access would very obviously make you lazy to some extent.

Therefore, it is quite lovely to see that Google has taken so many steps in the right direction. Even in boredom, you get to see search results that are fun to know; however, they are not a waste of time. There is no better way to learn all of these tricks than to find out for yourself. Just search for Google Easter Eggs and other tricks from YouTube, other articles, and even this one, and you will find something to do the entire day!

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