Online Outsourcing Income and Unemployment

Online Outsourcing Income and Unemployment

Introduction of Online Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a business process where a company or an individual hires another company or individual outside its area of operation to avail different specialized services. Outsourcing occurs like domestic as well as foreign contracting for financial savings through lower rates of international labor to attain higher productivity and profitability. It reduces capital and operating expenses due to less hiring resources. Call center outsourcing, Data Entry; Computer aided design, Graphic designs, 3D animations, Web service and development, IT outsourcing, etc. are the major sectors in online outsourcing income. India, China, Philippine, Singapore, Bangladesh and much more are the leading countries providing outsourcing services. If a jobless person occupies in online outsourcing income and unemployment can be removed in many cases.

Best Online Outsourcing Income Opportunities

There are some excellent opportunities for online outsourcing income, and they are as under:

  • Become a Webmaster: It is to create content based website.
  • Become a Writer: It is to get paid to write.
  • Learn to Sell Online: It is to sell items in online.
  • Do Paid Surveys: It is to participate in paid surveys online.
  • Get Paid for Online Freelance Work: It is to work as an independent contractor.

The most necessary thing in online outsourcing successfully is to know what we want to do. The thing is, one cannot understand our vision if we do not tell what our vision is.

Online Outsourcing Income in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is now a most developing and emerging country along with its capabilities and resources. The economic development is mostly contributed by some major factors like foreign remittances from human resources in an abroad, RMG sector, exporting leather, tea, jute, sea fish and ship breaking, etc. Besides, many other factors affect the development of economy and infrastructure like political unrest & instability, poverty, crime & corruption, education system and law & order situation, etc. Unemployment is one of an essential problem in Bangladesh. Among the above, online outsourcing income plays a significant role in the development of our economy in recent trend and Bangladesh is growing rapidly in this sector. The primary reasons are as follows:

  1. Availability of low wages, human resources
  2. A close cultural fit and adaptability
  3. Close employment law
  4. Data and intellectual security
  5. Lower tax rate than others
  6. Low production rate
  7. Availability of required skills, etc.

Hence, there are tremendous opportunities and demands of online outsourcing in Bangladesh. Online outsourcing is now a most popular profession on the internet. Many employed as well as unemployed peoples are engaged in the online outsourcing as a profession, like a freelancer, day by day. Now online outsourcing income recurrently solves the unemployment problems accordingly. Many of them involve with the different type of activities and also with the teaching profession for online outsourcing income. There are near about 1 Lac freelancers of Bangladesh who is doing outsourcing jobs across the world and engaging with the online revenue from Bangladesh and also reducing the unemployment with an extensive record. The accumulated online earnings of Bangladesh are about one crore BDT per day from different outsourcing marketplaces.

‘Learning and Earning Program’ for Outsourcing Income

The government implemented ‘Learning and Earning Training Program’ in the whole country to popularize the opportunities and scopes of the online outsourcing for earning foreign currency more and more (Ref. Reports BSS). This program covered two phases of basic training, a two-day training which was held in 62 districts and skill training, a five-day training which took place in 55 districts to create IT, skilled people.

Online Outsourcing Way in Bangladesh Vision & Mission in A21 Program

Reduction of unemployment and poverty by creating employment and developing human resources is a vision of the online outsourcing way to generate job opportunities and develop skilled and semi-skilled manpower as outsourcing is an attractive profession on the internet to earn foreign currencies and also help make the vision 20-21 successful. Students, unemployed and other literate labor, intelligent women and professionals are very much concentrated in these programs and view who earn and play a vital contributor for themselves and the economy also.

Effects of Outsourcing Income on Unemployment

There is a direct impact of outsourcing income on an economy and urban unemployment. The rural wage rate is increased, and the level of unemployment in urban areas is decreased by outsourcing without domestic production. On the other hand, the rural wage rate is reduced, and the degree of unemployment in urban areas is increased by outsourcing with domestic production. Sometimes employees use to leave old jobs for new ones and quit jobs; it could be a cause of unemployment.

online outsourcing income and unemployment

A few days back, Bill Gates, chief of worlds’ biggest Software Development Company, visited Bangladesh and gave a positive signal to the other nations that Bangladesh is becoming an emerging destination of online outsourcing investment. It can be the wider opportunity for all of us to build an independent professional of online outsourcing income. It reduces the enormous portion of unemployment in our country, whereas the graduate unemployment rate is increasing day by day because of the country’s education system is not consistent with the job market. Hence, we should actively concentrate into the online outsourcing professions and try to reduce our unemployment problem through online income.

End Remarks regarding online outsourcing income in Bangladesh

The online outsourcing income of Bangladesh is now holding the 3rd position in the world just behind the Philippines and India. The awareness and consciousness about the online income through outsourcing as a profession is increasing and spreading day by day along with the tremendous growth rate. The major drawbacks are a lack of proper guidance, publicity, and awareness, technological advancements, slow internet bandwidth, etc. Proficiency in the English language is also a major problem for many Bangladeshi freelancers. They are more expert to work efficiently rather than to communicate with the client. The reason behind that the customers speak English, and they use to take the interview or communicate via phone or Skype. That’s why we must strengthen our ability to speak in English upon start on online outsourcing income. It has an enormous potential for significant online Freelancing earning and unemployment growth in Bangladesh. So, it is time to promote Bangladeshi talented unemployed people to participate more in this sector and also support them to achieve the required competencies in that area of expertise. Bangladesh Government should take the proper and justified initiatives to ease of online outsourcing, in particular in the development of network building, telecommunication sector, power supply, etc. Then we can achieve the 1st position of online outsourcing in the world.


Anwar Faisal
Senior Official at MetLife Alico & freelance writer at oDesk

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