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How Productive is Bangladesh in Online Outsourcing Work?

The growth of the Internet

It was in 1998 my brother first brought a BOL card, and we first encountered “The internet” experience in our home PC.15 years later it was me describing over skype to my brother how to earn money online through Upwork. We the siblings have grown with time from middle-school to full-time professionals; meanwhile, Online Outsourcing work in Bangladesh and the field of Bangladeshi internet users faced much more drastic change. Bangladesh – the country of ‘impossible attainments’ grew from 186,000 internet users in 2000 to 43 million internet user in 2015. Dhaka is ranked as 3rd IT-enabled online outsourcing services globally. With over 120 million mobile phone users, 48 million Internet subscribers, 8 million Facebook users, there exist not only a big pool of smart Internet users but also an excellent potential for online freelancing work among Bangladesh.


Online Outsourcing work in BangladeshIn this scenario, it is not surprising that in the case of Online Outsourcing cooperate in Bangladesh; we are ranked 7th among 186 countries where the online job is outsourced. Industry experts revealed their assumption, by 2025 the pool of the fresh Bangladeshi graduates is expected to earn $100 million a year working from home, which is five times more from what they Earn Money Online in Bangladesh.

The reason behind the rise

There are numerous reasons why a freelancing job is on the rise in Bangladesh. A young and educated population base, a relatively good pay than home currency, current job dissatisfaction, an eagerness to earn money from a part-time job besides full-time job/study. Another two reasons that have fueled online freelancing even beyond the boundaries of the major cities are-

  • Easy accessibility to work online, due to the emergence of new devices and apps and
  • 99% geographical coverage in voice and data connectivity.

Open market freelance platform

The platform that matches the need with suitable talent has geared up the tremendous growth of online outsourcing job throughout the world. A relative overview of some traditional online outsourcing marketplaces is summarized below in an image.

outsourcing workplaces

For Online Freelancing work in Bangladesh, every wannabe freelancer start their search for work through these sites. Similarly, every employee who needs to get a job done fast through online outsourcing work also visit these sites in search of talents. Though these websites usually categorized as the source of cheap labor and they are not suitable for all industry. They are often the right place for a starter. With evolving freelancing industry some specialized freelancing sites have also developed, some other popular freelancing sites are-GURU, CroudSource, Aquent, Craigslist, 99Designs.

Business Processing Outsourcing

In the case of freelancing Outsourcing work in Bangladesh Apart from the freelancing outsourcing open market, there exists an equally big market for Business process outsourcing. Where a company outsources, it’s a part of a process to a suitable independent contractor or pool of freelancers at a remote place and maintains a country office for managing their freelance workforce.

BPO is a slightly different concept and is not my main topic for today. In the field of outsourcing jobs, It exists for a longer time than the online outsourcing open market. Currently, this market has also been geared up due to the very encouraging participation of Bangladeshis in Online outsourcing market. Recently two international firms have started operation in Bangladesh to (or “intending to”) penetrating the untapped talent pool of Bangladesh in the field of – IT and Medicine. One is Singapore-based Sekai Lab(who has 300 software development teams in 15 different countries). Second is Augmedix, a medical startup, that serves doctors in 13 states of the USA. Augmentin has an aggressive plan to create a workforce of 7,000 people in Bangladesh in the next five years. Both the company has started to hire people who will work from Bangladesh on real-time with the USA.

Some skill that is available in the online outsourcing job market is more than 2700. Below is a broad category wise power demand chart from Upwork for 2015. To excel in online outsourcing jobs at home, Bangladeshi freelancer can focus on this need base.

Type of Online Outsourcing jobs

What does it take to succeed?

In a field of online jobs work from home to be a successful one has to have some core and some augmented skills.

  1. English proficiency,
  2. support of hardware software,
  3. Knowledge and training on a specific skill that a freelancer wants to focus on,
  4. necessary knowledge and faith in the online payment system are some basic need.
  5. Good communication skill,
  6. integrity to finish a job ethically,
  7. effort and attitude to retain a client for future,
  8. a continuous effort to improve in own field of talent are the traits that will make earning money from home self-sustainable.

Concluding remarks

For supporting online outsourcing jobs today, many training centers exist in the Country. Especially in Dhaka, the number of training centers is adequate. Advance IT Center is another training center in Dhaka, especially best for SEO Training. A glowing reputation of the talent of Bangladeshi online freelancer has already established in the world. Bangladesh has around 5.5 lakh freelancers subscribed with different outsourcing marketplaces. Upwork alone has 4.5 lakh subscribed users in Bangladesh. All these statistics are bold enough to show our prospect in this field.

  • Updated August 27, 2019
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