Beginners Guide to Freelancing in Bangladesh [Updated – 2021]

Now a day’s significant portion of our population is young. The youth generation can change broadly to our whole economy. At present, 18 to 35 aged people are more from the total number of communities, 32 percent of individuals (Source: CIA – The World Factbook). It was reached up to 40 percent from 2015 to the 2016 year. When any country’s number of young people is most proportionate wise, it is called Demographic Dividend or Demographic Bonus. Again, this situation is also known as the Windows of Opportunity. Through this condition, the potential development of any country can open the door. If these majority parts of the young generation are not utilized properly in the right time & right way, they will cause a severe burden & a thorny issue in any country’s economy. If Our massive amount of educated operational people can help themselves through an online outsourcing job or as an established freelancer, it would be a tremendously fruitful solution for our employment area.

Beginners Guide to Freelancing in Bangladesh
Beginners Guide to Outsourcing and Freelancing in Bangladesh

Outsourcing is an organizational work that does not turn their job themselves; instead, they perform by another organization or professional individuals. It may be a part of any project or entire projects. Freelancing means not only a specific person work with a particular team, but it also stands for an assortment of contracts with different individuals & different groups. The freelancer has always had work, determination, freedom & also have immunity when they wish to work. The freelancer is not fixed in the traditional office Time zone. Companies are usually reduced expenses by outsourcing. Most of the time, outsourcing is done due to a lack of sufficient time, effort, or lack of technology. Mainly technology-based work – (like – Web Design and Development, Software and Application Development, Article Writing & Content Marketing, Graphics Design, Multimedia & Architecture, Search Engine Optimization Training, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Research, Data Entry, etc.) are outsourced. Countries providing that type of service are India, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Russia, Pakistan, Panama, Nepal, Bangladesh, Romania, Malaysia, Egypt, and many other states. Among the whole article, I will try to demonstrate Online freelancing from beginning to end, which can be described as a Beginners Guide to Freelancing in Bangladesh.

History of Freelancing

The history of freelancing in Bangladesh is not much older. This profession has achieved immense popularity in the last three to four years. But the clear concept of freelancing exists from the very beginning in many nations around the world. It was started in the year 1998. “GURU– the first freelancing marketplace that was established in 1998, known by The various market was set up after popularity continuation, say-,,,,,, etc. Due to widespread internet communication, freelancing gained an enormous reputation day by day in Bangladesh.

The Way of Freelancing Work

If any institution or person (Employer) wants to outsource their work, then they came to the freelancing marketplace & invite their bidding process from professional freelancers for that work. In one bid, one freelancer mentioned that how many days he has been involved in reaching the work & for this how much he will receive his fees. In this mode, for one job among many bids which one is worthy and suitable, it is selected by the employer; after this step, the employer communicated with the freelancer and discussed his detailed work. After completing the full work, the payment procedure is complete through the various methods described earlier in the “how to withdraw money topic.

Prerequisite to Freelancing

Everybody should have skills in any subject for starting freelancing. Besides, you must experience to gather vast knowledge of internet surfing. If you hold the capability of different topics of computer-related work, then naturally, you will be able to work on a large scale. Most of your clients are non-Bengali, so you have to communicate with them in the English language. They can interview you via Skype or messenger services. So it is paramount to good grab in English communication.

How to Start Online Freelancing

When the client is satisfied to see your profile, he will be offering you to give any work, and he will accept which amount you want to take. First of all, you have to prepare your profile sweet & organized way, which allows any person interested in working with you. See you around the different marketplace, gather information about their needs & read your profile accordingly.

If you make a good quality profile, then you must need some necessary steps:

  1. Build yourself as a specialist in a particular task. In this case, you will receive the most help (for example – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) & from various video tutorials. There are many Outsourcing training centers in Bangladesh through which people can quickly get just about basic preparation tips and advanced levels. Naturally, depending on training centers, it’s not sufficient, go sweeping progress. You have to learn a piece of detailed knowledge about the work itself.
  2. According to your skills made some tasks. For example, if you specialize in web designing, you create some web pages & present them to your marketplace profile. Again, if you were then professional about writing or photography, keep this sample in your profile.
  3.,,, etc. is some of the popular freelancing marketplaces where freelancing skills measurement exam is given. It is emerging. Whose profile is sorted by more review, his job getting possibility is higher or games.
  4. Except for the freelancing marketplace, plausibly share your profile & skills in different places –for example, friend circles, social networking sites, blogging sites, or forums.

How to get clients

One study shows, the freelancer got their job most commonly through someone’s reference. If you did not know someone who can refer you, you have to read a nice & standard profile; you also have to wait for the correct money bid/hourly rate determination. In many cases, getting the first job depends on luck. You can get jobs within three days, or it can take time for three months. This is a great test of your patience. Once you get the job, you should complete the task within a determined time frame. As a result, the client will be happy & give you excellent feedback on your work. Afterward, You can get new work from this client.

What work to Do

In a freelancing marketplace, you can achieve various types of tasks based on your proficiency & experience. Secure jobs are Search Engine Optimization, Article Writing, Data Entry, etc. Since these tasks are simple, their bidding percentage is high & terrible to obtain these jobs frequently. A little difficult work is Web Development, Product Development, Software Development, Graphics Designing, etc. The payment behavior of a simple task is higher than a difficult task. What job you will do depends on which work you want to feel comfortable with & its demand in the marketplace. You should always maintain a balance between two things. How complicated your job, how much time it will take to finish, and the rate is determined by experience. Fixed payments tasks start from 5 dollars to 1000 dollars or more. On the other hand, Hourly Payments functions begin from 3 dollars to 100 dollars or more.

How to Bid in Freelancing Job Marketplaces

Mainly bidding are two types:

  • Project Fee: When any project is presently in the marketplace, then how much charge you want to demand, you can quickly offer it for the finishing point of your entire project.
  • Hourly Rate: In this method, you can undoubtedly offer how much price you desire to claim for hourly basis work.
  • Fixed-Rate: In this process, after completing the project, you will get the payment.

How to withdraw freelancing earnings

Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer:

You can bring money directly to your bank account from some marketplace. But it cannot do in all markets; in that case, you can utilize different services for the online payment transaction process. Firstly, in this procedure, your money will be deposited into your account as a dollar in the marketplace. After receiving that money, you can transfer to Skill (Ex Moneybookers) or such type of money service accounts. In this situation, you may have to pay transfer fees depending on the marketplace. Later from any bank account in your country, you can bring the skill of the money quickly. In this step, a bank can cut up another transfer fee from you. So you must keep in mind that a bank must have a SWIFT Code. Otherwise, your money will not move from the skill. This whole operation takes time near about one month for its transaction procedure. Next operations complete within seven days. Getting SWIFT Code from Bangladesh Bank, we can see the below Link: “The List of Swift Codes.”

Direct transfer from the client:

When someone becomes your regular client, you will not move to the marketplace to acquire a project. He will give a project through communicating with you directly via email, or any other ways & plan payment will transfer straight to your bank account.

Get paid by your global clients quickly and at a low cost with Payoneer!

You can get this for withdrawing any quantity of money at any time from your marketplace through the exchange of fixed amounts. It’s one kind of prepaid debit card. With this card from the ATM booth, you can withdraw your deposited amount in the marketplace at any time around the world. By using this card, you can manage online shopping too. This card permitted you to transmit money from your relative’s or friends’ master card or visa card who are staying overseas.

Sign up for a FREE Payoneer account and start collecting global payments!

Step 1: Go to this Link


Click here and click on the sign-up button.


Step 2: Fill up your first name, last name as it is on your National ID Card or passport. Then provide a valid email ID and date of birth.

Registration Process of Payoneer master card

Step 3: This section is excessively critical. Provide your contact address correctly where the card will be delivered.

Registration Process Payoneer Prepaid card

Step 4: Enter a secure password and a security question.

Process of Registration Payoneer Card

Step 5: Give your ID Card information and agree to the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to check all 3 Requirements Box. Then click on the “ORDER” button.

Payoneer Master Card Reg Process

Step 6: Add Bank Information.

Add bank information

Step 7: Check your email for further instruction. Then you need to upload your scanned copy of your National ID, driving license, or passport, whatever you provide previously. I hope within 20 Working Day you will get your this at your home.


Payoneer Master Card Fees and Charges 2016

How To Activate

Helpful Link:

How to Withdraw Payments from Amazon (Official Video)

How to receive payments

How to secure international funds – make payments and access your hard-earned cash.

Helpful Link –

Challenges of Freelancers

Freelancing work has some endless possibilities, as well as some challenges. For example:

  • There is no fixed schedule for work when the client will demand; he has to show his work progress.
  • People who are working in the freelancing area, newly their monthly income may fluctuate randomly.
  • All clients’ promises are not the same; after completing the work, somebody was later to their full payment than the guaranteed time.
  • Even this profession is not recognized socially in our country. However, the viewpoint of our people is changing swiftly.

Some Exceptional Marketplaces,, except these traditional sites, there are some conspicuous places in the freelancing area shortly their description is given below: Graphic design based sites are provided awards through competition arrangement. The amount of the reward is better than any other place. Here the client will offer detailed information according to his demand or work nature; you do not have any application for getting the job. You will design according to his comprehensive report & upload it to your competitor’s pages. Your model will see the corresponding client. Many designers like you will upload his design to the client. The client will choose which design, then select it & finally give a reward or project money to the perfect designer. Themeforest graphic designing is a popular site about the designing era. Here graphic designers can make the sale of their design template & if he is a developer, he can sell the design and HTML & CSS coding. Themes are selling in Themeforest, Graphicriver is for graphics sale, Codecanyon is for code deal, Photo demo is for stock photography sale & 3d motion is for 3d animation sale most popular marketplace. Fiverr is one of the traditional markets. Here a newcomer can quickly open a gig or offer a job. There is an enormous possibility to earn a lot of money from a single gig.

Tips: How to get your Fiverr gig ranked 

Considerable Topics of freelancing

  1. A Major portion of the freelancing projects comes from the western countries, the difference of our time with them from 5 to 12 hours.
  2. To understand whether the work is genuine or not; someone who has been posting this project in the marketplace, his account should observe it very well.
  3. Always try to retain a high-quality client. You will not find the same behavior from all clients, which is better than seek to hold him best.
  4. If there is an escrow service in the marketplace you are working on, utilize it at a maximum rate. Escrow is a deposit money service on the market where after the end of work, ensure you get your fees. Discuss any project you can request your client to store your full amount in the escrow service. After paying to the escrow, a client will not take it back. After completing the project tasks, he will discharge money to your account from the escrow service. If your client does not pay, then you can claim to the appropriate authority for you to owe cash through the escrow service.
  5. The employer arranges an interview for some projects. Projects have been started for the discussion; do not bid on them since the meeting has begun, so the possibility of getting jobs from them is much less.
  6. Learn to handle the workload. In a freelancing profession, the workload is not equal all time. When the work pressure is higher than it is a significant challenge to control your self, you should develop a healthy food habit as a preparation. Later maintain this practice.
  7. Keep an eye on modern technological developments. All the time, try to improve your quality of tasks. It will assist you in managing your best profile.
  8. You do not decide in a hurry; instead, you should think about assigning tasks, whether you can finish 100 percent.
  9. In some marketplace at the time of bidding, a cover letter is given. In this case, the cover letter must have relevance. The same type of template does not use in all cover letters.
  10. Prove yourself that your thoughts make all cover letters; by this, your creativity will express.
  11. Always keep neat & clean in your working area. Do not forget to take the time to rest. To remember your daily work, you should preserve a small notebook with you.
  12. Communication with the client or audio/video interview, you have to maintain professional dress & behavior.
  13. You should not forget to ask your client questions, whether your word choice or not because you can learn many things from clients’ feedback.

How will you be successful in the freelancing business?

In today’s unrest and challenging job market, freelancing is perceived as a better alternative among many ones. Yes! It is undoubtedly a better option, as you no longer need to depend on a single company or person. Also, you no need to earn money for others. In freelancing, you can choose clients, work styles as per your way. However, nothing is so comfortable in this world. To get benefits from freelancing marketplaces, you have to have patience, dedication, and hardworking attitudes.

To start freelancing, first of all, you have to determine your way. If you failed to choose the right track, you would derail, and you cannot extract cream from it, which may create depression. One size does not fit all – so you have to choose your way according to your experience and passion.

Among many options here, we light on web designing – one of the most promising and vast working areas at freelancing marketplaces like Up-work, Fiverr, or People per Hour. I’ve shared some of my personal opinions in this article, request to read carefully, hope it might help you to some extent.

As an experienced designer, you might be trying to find out the answers to the following questions, which frequently raises our minds.

  • Why have I not got enough work despite an expert designer?
  • I have attractive open gigs for a long time but failed to respond from the buyer side?
  • As an experienced designer with a nicely organized portfolio, I’m suffering from getting enough work as per my expectations.
  • Continuously bidding to get work but failed to receive any response from the buyer.

To become a successful freelancer as an expert designer, we have the following criteria-

  1. Expertise in work
  2. Strong and organized portfolio
  3. Fluent in the English language
  4. Efficient communication with clients
  5. Research and analytical ability
  6. The apparent idea and ability to do social media marketing

Keep it in your mind, become an expert in work is not always the ultimate way to get enough job in the marketplaces.

Along with skill in some subjects will not guarantee you to get work? You still have to travel a long way to reach ultimate success. In my opinion, you are an expert on some trade means you achieved a 25% mark for preparing to get any work as a freelancer.

If you have a well-organized portfolio added to your skill, you will advance one step ahead to gather the ability to do any work in the freelancing marketplace. The rich and organized portfolio adds another 20% mark to your basket. So, skill (25%) + portfolio (20%) = 45%. Generally, we consider the pass mark of any exam is a minimum of 33 marks out of 100. In that sense, if you score 45 means, you passed the exam but in 3rd Class or grade. Now imagine, with a 3rd class certificate, can you arrange any job/work in any company or organization. Easily understandable that it is tough to find any job with this much quality. Here we mention that you will score 45 only if you have a strong portfolio and enough skill. However, if you have not that much capacity too, you will not hit the score of 45, which means you are failed to fulfill the minimum criteria. In this situation, only luck can manage a job or work for you in the freelancing world.

If you are fluent in English communication (writing, reading, and speaking), it will add another 20% mark to your basket. That is by English communication ability. You raise your total scores to 65, which means you passed in 2nd Class. It will increase your chances of getting work to some extent. Fluency in English is essential to understand the client’s request, productive conversation with clients, reading and understanding different blogs and articles, researching any topics or searching something in Google, to be active in various communities related to the marketplace and updated about the rules and regulations.

The client is always king; A satisfied client brings enormous opportunity for you. If you can manage your clients smartly, you can add another 5% mark to your basket. This means you raise your total score to 70, which is first-class marks.

If you are fluent in English, not means that you manage your clients properly. To manage or satisfied a client, you have particular communication skills, which you may grab by patients and dedications. As with managing your girlfriend, you have to spend enough time to understand your client’s requirements, and accordingly, you have to communicate with him. As usual, or same traditional communication for all clients will not work all the time.

A satisfactory client may come back to you after completing your work because of your excellent behavior or proper communication techniques. Attitude and conduct is such a powerful technique that sometimes you may touch the customer’s heart with average quality work. Earlier, I said that clients are the king, so you never see back if you satisfy your customer with work and behavior.

Research and analytical ability – if you have this, you advance one step more in your way of freelancing. Information is power. To collect your relevant information to keep you updated, always read related books, articles, blogs, sites, news, and analysis them according to your requirement. If you have this attitude, you will score more than 10%.

Sometimes we see that the maximum of us has no interest in collecting information from research. Lack of research ability will seriously pull back us to do well in freelancing. So, try to be active in all related groups in social media or blogs or sites and read more. This practice also helps you overcome any problem or know more deeply about a topic by searching on Google or other search engines.

Almost all of us depend entirely on the various marketplace to find and grab work. However, the top-ranked markets are occupied with lots of freelancers worldwide, making it tough to get any job effortlessly. Top of that, some marketers cut down their commission from your hard earnings too. On the other hand, because of high competition, the chances of suspending your account is also high for any small fault. If you are solely dependent on a single marketplace, you can easily imagine the situation if they suspend you. If you have the right hand on social media marketing, you can handle the tough time by grabbing any suitable clients over media. Expertise in social media marketing will help to secure your future career of freelancing.

So, be active in social media, watch colossal learning videos on it, and share your work more and more on social media. Develop you as an expert on social media. If so, then you have not to be seated empty. By doing this, you can add a 20% mark on your carrier and reach 100 scores. So, nothing can pull back you anymore.

One last thing, never think to do any wrong or shortcut way. In the long run, it will not bring any good for you and our country.

Now it is your turn, calculate your score, and analyze the reason behind your failure or success to get work. Try to find out your back locks and take corrective measures on yourself. I hope one day you will touch the dreaming moon in your hand.

Outsourcing in Bangladesh

The three most popular marketplaces among Bangladeshi freelancers are,, Bangladesh has an elevated position in these three sites.

Upwork is one of the largest companies among all online outsourcing marketplaces. Bangladesh is in 3rd position on this freelancing website. At present, there are 7000 active Bangladeshi freelancers, and the number is increasing day by day. For this reason, Upwork organized “Contractors Appreciation Day (2012),” and several top shots from Upwork visit Bangladesh for this purpose. In 2009 only 2% of Upwork jobs were performed by Bangladeshi freelancers. In 2012 it became 12%. In the 2012 quarter, Bangladeshi freelancers worked 7 Lac 20 thousand hours in Upwork. has more than 25 thousand registered Bangladeshi freelancers. Bangladeshi freelancer’s performance is right in this other modern marketplace. On this site, Bangladeshi people mainly do Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization work. As purchased so, lots of Bangladeshi programmers are operating in now.

Bangladesh also in the first row in In one latest report, Elance officials publish the top 25 countries’ names in contractors by geography category. The USA ranked first position and India in the second. According to the published report, 39 thousand 195 (up to 6th April 2013) registered freelancers on this site. The average hourly income is 9 dollars for Bangladeshi freelancers. Till now, Bangladeshi freelancers earn 49 Lac US dollars from this site.

Bangladeshi people mainly do the Data Entry and SEO/SEM/SMM type of work. Web Development, Software Development, Writing & Content, Design, and Multimedia & architecture are also mentionable. Web development and software development project has high funding. Bangladeshi freelancer needs to involve them in this sort of work. One Bangladeshi Search Engine Optimizer charged 3 to 10 dollars per hour, whereas one USA web developer charged 30 to 100 dollars per hour. He can charge this high amount only for his skill. Bangladeshi freelancer needs more power in this regard. We should concentrate more on skill-building so that outsourcing in Bangladesh will be gorgeous.

The contribution of Freelancing to Bangladesh economy:

As an import oriented country, a significant portion of foreign remittance comes from NonResident Bengali people. In 2012 the overseas worker sent 14 billion US dollars to Bangladesh (Source: world bank). If we consider a 10% growth rate, it will become near about 19 billion in 2015.

Now come to the outsourcing industries. In 2012 Bangladeshi freelancers earned more than 365 crore taka within 2015, near about 4443-billion-dollar works, well done through outsourcing. If we can take 10% of this job, then we can earn 45 billion US dollars. If we can take a 5% market share, then the amount will be 23 billion, which will become the most significant source of foreign remittance.

Fifty percent of the people in our country are women. A significant portion of them does not contribute to the national economy. Suppose they can give 3-4 hours in freelancing and quickly earn the 3-4 dollar per day. If the total workforce is seven scores, then women are 3.5 hearts. Among them, educated girls and females are 50 lacs. If we can develop them as a freelancer, we can earn 1.5 core US dollars per day. It became 500 cores US dollars yearly.