User Experience, Conversion Optimization, and Copywriting

Nobody Talks About User Experience, Conversion Optimization, and Copywriting

I see only a few people talk about these topics in a few website or social media

Do you know red color can bring 34%** more conversions as compared to green?

Conversion Color

Do you know typography impacts the audience at a deeper level?

Users look at the font size, font family, space between paragraphs to see how credible you’re at a sub-conscious level?

Read CXL:

Read CF:

Which typography you’ll love? I’m 100% CXL.

Besides, only a few people know the power of copywriting.

Brian Dean is the master of copywriting. That’s why you read his articles from top to bottom.

He uses eye-catching words, use screenshots, and take full advantage of UX, conversion optimization technique and copywriting.

Every sentence has a value.

Every sentence grabs from your collar and holds you for a longer time than usual blogs.

Copywriting is all about convincing the users to read your copy and use sensory words to add emotions.

Take any best novel in the world; you’ll see frequent use of sensory words that you can feel, touch, hear and taste.

Here is the shortlist of such words:

What about UX? It begins when you take an interview of the person who is using your site or app.

You gather feedback not from survey or email, but with real human interreactions.

Do you ask what is the problem you’re facing while using the app? What you hate? What do you love?

Some people don’t know how to use Uber. Uber must include a short video on how to use it in Bangla, Urdu, Hindi, and English.

People don’t know how to order from Daraz and return a product.

The list goes on and on.

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