Ways of outsourcing in Bangladesh

What is outsourcing?

Before designate ways of outsourcing in Bangladesh we should focus on definition of Outsourcing. According to American Glossary the word “outsourcing” means “outside resourcing”. From this concept we can easily define outsourcing as the contracting out of a business process. Outsourcing is the process where many business firms or companies hire an employee for completing their business related work or functions and pays enough money. Outsourcing can be both domestic and foreign contracting. Sometimes it is offshoring or near-shoring. But the business firms usually prefer to contract with the distant countries employee because it reduces their certain cost. And it is a great motivation for the people of offshoring or distant country because the get much wages comparing with their native countries jobs salary. Outsourcing or freelancing is beneficial for both the business firms and the employee.

Ways of outsourcing in Bangladesh

Popularity of outsourcing in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi people are introduced with outsourcing or freelancing in 21st century. And it gets much popularity within a short period of time. And now people of all ages male and female are paying much interest in it. Because in this sector, people are getting more success than any other jobs of our country. There has a great reason behind the popularity of outsourcing and the reason is, the difference in currency value between foreign country and a developing country like Bangladesh. It not only gets popularity in our country but also spread rapidly in many countries of Asia. Foreign business companies are getting theirs work completed from us at a low cost which is greater than any other local jobs salary of our country. Almost 2 lacs of Bangladeshi people are doing outsourcing job in different marketplace. But only few people are doing this job professionally and only this people have the clear knowledge about outsourcing and the other have a very little knowledge about it.

Why government emphasizing much on outsourcing and encourages the youth to become a freelancer?

Bangladesh is a developing country as we know. And the main hindrance of the way to be a developed country is poverty. And we face poverty for the unemployment problem. Government have taken the project of “Education for all”. And the government get much success in this project by ensuring education for all people specially, in rural people. But the job scope of this country is very poor. So, the government fails to provide jobs for all educated people. So, the unemployment problem is growing day by day. So, the government emphasizing much on outsourcing because it ensures job opportunity for educated people and young generation. And for reducing unemployment problem job for all is must be needed. As it is a great scope for getting a suitable job and also beneficial for the national economy, so the government have already taken many steps to introduce outsourcing with youth. To train up the people to become a freelancer, the government created many training institute around the country. But the number of freelancer is greater in cities people than the rural people of Bangladesh. So, the government created many training center in urban area. This is how the government created much scope for getting job in outsourcing marketplace and generate money. In past, people got depressed for not getting a suitable job after completing their graduation. But now anyone even a student can also perform an outsourcing job if he has a good knowledge about outsourcing.

Now-a-days, it’s getting much easier to find an outsourcing training center because you will see many training center here and there around you. But it’s quite difficult to find a good training center among all of them. Because many trainers don’t have enough knowledge about outsourcing then how can he teach other? And there are also many dishonest people who take the advantages of the people’s curiosity about outsourcing and spread wrong thinking about it and cheat people. The government have board the way of learning outsourcing to work outsourcing job. So, it depends on you to choose a good institute to learn about it. Otherwise you won’t get success in it.

Why people specially youth are paying much interest in it?

People of all ages can do this outsourcing job but it is best suited for youth. As there is no fixed time to do freelancing so, a student can easily do this job besides his education and can generate money. There is no fixed time but have a specific time for completing the work. Doing this job also increases his/her confident that they can do any kind of job professionally. There are two types of outsourcing job: part time and full time. You can choose any type of job according to your available time. It is greatly beneficial job for all students because they can do this without hampering their study.

Outsourcing creates a great opportunity for women

As every skilled person can do this job and generate money so it is much beneficial for women because it is a home-based work. If a student wants to do this then nothing to worry about because she can easily do this work without hampering her study. And outsourcing jobs provide a great benefit to all that anyone can choose his working hour according to one’s willing time or free time. And this benefit is the most beneficial for housewives because then can do the work at their free time. Though Bangladesh is developing day by day and the government created much job opportunity for women but at present time it becomes very unsafe for women to work outside the home. And the safety security for women is also very poor. So, many women who have the ability to do a good job don’t work outside of the home because of the safety fear. So, outsourcing jobs are best suited for those women who are already skilled.

How to become a successful and much skilled freelancer or outsourced?

For achieving success in any sector one must need a strong willing power and hard work. Success in outsourcing is not apart from it. If a person wants to gain success from outsourcing then he/she must work hard and practice it more. We all are very familiar with this proverb that “practice makes a man perfect”. Without practicing the hope for success is totally foolish matter. If you want to earn from outsourcing jobs and improve your skill then you must practice it with passion. If you don’t have the willing power to practice more or work hard then you will face failure in this sector or you will face many problems in the time of completing or doing a work or even you will not get job because of your weak skill. So, everyone must work hard or practice it with passion if he/she want to do freelancing and get success. Working hard or practicing more doesn’t mean you have to practice all day long it means you have to practice it every day for a certain period of time. And if you are ready to practice it every day then there will be no obstacle in the way of success. So, the only way to become a successful and skilled freelancer is practicing it every day for a certain period of time.

How to choose suitable work or job from different marketplace?

There are many kind of outsourcing job in different marketplace. Choosing a job is totally upon to you. You can choose a job in which you are good at or a job that gives you pleasure while doing. If you don’t enjoy the working then you will never meet with success because a person can only achieve success when he/she works with passion, full interest and enjoy the working moment. There are many types of job in marketplace such as-

  • Web design and development
  • Data entry
  • Graphics design

You can also earn from your photo and video by doing SMM (Social Media Marketing). And at present time the most popular work is Amazon Affiliate Marketing from which you can earn money by selling product from your website. When you will be able to sell an Amazon product from your site, you will get commission. From all this job category, you can choose a job which will you prefer most.

And now a question will come to your mind that “from where I will get job or which market place is good?”. So now I am going to tell you about some popular outsourcing marketplace. These are-

But the most important thing is- for applying in any job category you must need a good skill at that subject and a confident for doing that job otherwise you will be fail to complete the job or task. So, the main thing is- if you are skilled or have enough knowledge about a specific subject of outsourcing then you will surely earn huge money.

As I told before, the scope for learning about outsourcing is huge. And government also encourages the youth to do outsourcing job. So, you may see many public and private outsourcing training center or institute. And so, the possibility of choosing a wrong training center is huge. So, before choosing any training center one must be very careful. And many people are spreading wrong concept about freelancing by saying that one can earn huge money just when they started the course. It’s true that you can earn huge money from outsourcing job but before you should practice more to build up your skill. Because without a good skill, it’s quite tough to get a job not only in outsourcing market place but also everywhere. As much you practice, as soon you can achieve more. And the most significant matter about freelancing job is- the job of outsourcing marketplace is not so tough, anyone can do this if he/she has a strong willing power.

The ways or scope for learning outsourcing is increasing rapidly. So, if you want to earn money by doing job at home then freelancing is best option for you. Old or young, male or female everyone is doing outsourcing job because of the popularity and success of this sector.

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