Future of Online Freelancing in Bangladesh

Online Freelancing

Online freelancing means freelancing via the internet, and it’s related to a freelancing marketplace where buyers and sellers provided their services. Buyers and sellers both create a profile for their service or job offer and working information and in some cases information about their working rates. Freelancing job included with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Article writing, journalism, publishing, screenwriting, filmmaking, acting, photojournalism, cosmetics, fragrances, editing, photography, event planning, event management, copy editing, proofreading, author editing, indexing, copywriting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, website development, video editing, video production, translating, illustrating, micro jobs and many more. There are some traditional freelancing marketplaces are Upwork, Fiverr, peoples per hour, rent a coder, project4hire, script-lance, GetAcoder, digital point forum, smashing job, Simply Hired, Meta-filter jobs, etc.

Future of online Freelancing in Bangladesh

Online freelancing in Bangladesh

Online freelancing is the common term in Bangladesh. It is growing tremendous rate in Bangladesh. Many people work regularly on a dream of becoming an independent freelancer. Bangladeshi freelancers are very expert in this sector. Clients are appreciated with their work than other countries. Bangladesh is in top position in the online freelancing industry. Bangladeshi freelancers earn massive US$ every day. It is imperative for removing unemployment problem in Bangladesh.

Why Freelancing is vital for Bangladesh

We can be started freelancing business only with a computer and an internet connection. We no need to invest money. We need to spend our time. Now a day in our country job market is very much competitive and requires some lobbying too. Freelancing is a very legitimate career than another. We can do a freelancing job from our home. We no need to go outside. Freelancing is so much helpful for developing women career. Because there is some restriction to go out and they have a responsibility to maintain their family.

Future of online Freelancing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country, and there are much unemployment people. Freelancing is an excellent opportunity for these people and our country. There is a bright future of Bangladesh in online freelancing. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

  1. Young Unemployment people: Many young unemployed people in Bangladesh can develop their career with online freelancing. They can earn substantial foreign exchange by doing freelancing and contribute to the economy of Bangladesh.
  2. A suitable job for women: Freelancing is an adequate job for females. It’s a job for which we no need to outside from. We can do it anytime from home. There is some restriction for women in our country to go out. So it is an adequate job of developing their career.
  3. Enhancing the outsourcing market:
  • Outsourcing business, emerging worldwide and there are some styles that will give us a glimpse of the future.
  • Experts are predicting that the company will keep battling short-term expenses pressure.
  • Numerous little alliances concentrated on increased operation efficiencies, better quality control and decreased back-offices rates, tend to be set up.
  • Exposed and standard services continuously take into account risk to outsourcing, but the trend in driving.

Chance of Bangladesh in Freelancing sector

The development of the freelancing industry in Bangladesh has been phenomenal. The international market is becoming initiative, knowledge, and Bangladesh also progressed with it. There are many chances for Bangladesh in freelancing sectors like ears:

  • In this service that needs advanced English, Index, and medication, Bangladesh will keep excelling.
  • Bangladesh has an English-speaking lawyer and expertise in the overseas legal system that can offer first and patent services.
  • It will help us to feel affiliated with American companies in the American market.
  • A different number of procedures and services for IT application business give safety and cleaning can feel presented.

Revolution in Bangladesh about outsourcing

Freelancing and Outsourcing have turned into a revolution in recent days. The revolution that is growing into the young generation for IT freelancing and outsourcing, prospects improve our economy. Freelancing alone brought $20 million and increasing day by day in recent years. There are many training centers are open for the train up our young generation. The government takes essential steps to develop this sector. Government arranges many training centers in every district. Danish investment company Coders Trust has activated an initiative arrangement to create 100000 IT freelancers for next four years.

Impediment of freelancing in Bangladesh

Freelancing sectors are not progressing for some obstruction of Bangladesh. Education is the biggest problem in a freelancing industry. Uneducated people will not do freelancing. Corruption and inability are another issues with freelancing. For these reasons the young generation is learning correctly and surroundings, the industry failed to employ them. The low-speed internet is also affected freelancing in Bangladesh. High-speed internet is crucial for doing freelancing. Female is a half portion of the population. Unemployed women are another criteria for the impediment of freelancing. Many people don’t know about freelancing. It is critical to aware them about freelancing.

Freelancing is a business which is growing day by day in the world. Bangladesh has a vast scope to develop it and increasing this sector. Bangladesh will be lucky in this area. But many problems torment Bangladeshi freelancers and outsourcing partners. If they give the opportunity to, a freelancing outsourcing industry in Bangladesh revolution will be grown very fast. The government takes essential steps to aware local people about this matter, train up young generation, decrease illiteracy, educate residents, increasing internet facility, decrease load-shedding, etc. The government should take necessary steps to minimize corruption. We have to overcome obstacles. If we all work together for removing these impediments, we will be prosperous in freelancing outsourcing. Bangladesh will get top position in the freelancing sector and earn massive US$ every day.

  • Updated July 12, 2018
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