The Pathetic Truth behind Online Outsourcing: Things you should know

“I never dreamed about success; I worked for it” – hey, it’s not my saying! It’s quoted from “Estée Lauder,” a famous American entrepreneur. I know most of you won’t agree to the point, but you might change your stand once you go through this article.

Razzle dazzles about outsourcing have been going on for quite some time in Bangladesh. Some racketeers are planning to entice people by showy and pompous advertisements to be millionaires overnight. People are often getting deceived by these scams of earning easy money online. Some people even getting confused thinking this sector is the widely criticized MLM business. But what is the actual reality? Not that the term “Outsourcing” is much familiar to the people of our country but seeing the enticing advertisements of the racketeers, curiosity is indeed growing among the people while the term is getting commonplace and appreciation with time. However, some people are scorning it, which is not expected really. People didn’t know the word even ten years ago. Much has changed in outsourcing since then. In this ever-changing and competitive time of globalization, third world countries are suffering massively from the unemployment problem due to economic discrimination and mismanagement. Bangladesh is no different. Due to which not only the unemployed, people with low income are also compelled to find other sources of income to live. Outsourcing is widely getting accessible, taking advantage of this situation and will continue doing so in the future.

But is outsourcing the solution to all these problems? Well, not entirely, but it can provide the answer to a significant extent. However, lots of “IF”s are affiliated with the solution. You may notice “Earn easy money online” ads a lot here; it is spreading widely throughout this country. I am just saying that if lots of money could be earned this easy over the internet, won’t people all over the world quit their job and gets busy making money only taking a computer and an internet connection? The reality is a little different; if you have the efficiency, you will be successful in the outsourcing sector. 

What’s the difference Between Outsourcing & Freelancing? Freedom of doing and getting a job, which you won’t get in any other profession. Another thing is, you will get proper valuation and wage for your work. In sum, Online Outsourcing is the medium of earning decent money by doing a proper job, where you will have to be efficient first and then come to the right platform to work to be successful.

Let’s talk about “what is outsourcing or freelancing?” first. Quickly, it is companies getting their various jobs done over the internet. There are multiple marketplaces where the allocation of these jobs takes place. Getting the job done by an outsider of the company is outsourcing. The central theme of freelancing is occupational freedom, i.e., the occupation of earning money by working independently. People who do outsourcing jobs from home are called freelancers.

Some immoral companies are bagging the money of the students by enticing them and pushing them to danger. Many of them said they lost money on learning CPA marketing. These issues are not only wrong, agonizing too. I am going to talk about some companies who are directly involved with fraudulence, bag money in the name of freelancing but do not teach anything.

There is some training centers who deal with betting and dating in the name of CPA marketing are nothing but plain frauds. They barely teach what is already on YouTube; where their primary motive of them is to bag money from people who are ignorant about outsourcing.

Precaution must be taken before taking the online courses, you have to check the credibility of the trainers, ask for the guidelines they are going to follow, and you SHOULD NOT make transactions of money just seeing some pompous ads ever. Here are some reasons why you are being deceived:

  • You are being deceived because you have more temptation 
  • You are being deceived because you want to be a millionaire overnight
  • You are being deceived because you are only thinking about making money rather than learning anything properly

The way they are promoting their showy ads, they do not get their learners to value that way; it is a big problem, a universal problem. Marketing value and product value often does not match; that is why you have to have a minimum idea about the product. You will get interested in seeing those glamorous ads if you do not have the proper idea about what they are selling.

I get a lot of calls about outsourcing jobs at Advance IT Center; people want to know about what I give training to and what benefits they are going to get doing these more or less. One thing that hurts me when they ask if they are going to earn 50 to 60 grand a month. I politely reply to them that it is very much possible of course, but no one can guarantee that it is possible within a short time. You have to be confident, hard-working, and perseverant overall. Besides, you need to do many studies and have to have the interest to learn from excellent resources. Most importantly, you have to use your creativity to get work in this competitive market; only doing courses is not going to help in this regard. The fact that how deeply you know about your work is the crucial factor in your success.

“There are two kinds of professionals in the world – the one who works hard, and the others who work hard and work smart. The greatest level of success comes to the people who find a balance between hard work and smart work. This is certainly true in the world of internet marketing.” – Harsh Agarwal

People often get discouraged, knowing the extent of lengths they have to go to be successful in outsourcing. It is not entirely their fault; they are misled by those flashy ads, which promote success stories of people earning a lot of money in a short time doing their courses. It may be true that a handful of people are making that kind of money, but if you have to keep in mind, that exception cannot be an example. That kind of success depends on the people who are teaching and the people who are being taught. You will be in the dark if I cannot teach you accurately and vice versa. You have to be equally attentive to what you are learning and work hard to know properly about that.

Now many of you are confused about from where you should start.

Many of you get discouraged in the midway as they face questions unanswered. Helping groups, Google and YouTube are helpful, but you have to admit that you cannot be a professional just by learning from those. You need a guide or mentor to show you the right path to success in a short time. Again, many people do not understand easily unless being taught by hand; it is a fact that not everyone is equally talented.

These are some reasons people knock the doors of the coaching centers; in search of mentors who will guide them to the correct path and teach them the real deal. Where there will be no broken link in case of learning and the target of achieving gets easier.

People often look up to their mentor solely for finding work for them. Yes, he will teach you ways to earn, source of earning, direct you how to be successful in a short time, and be confident. But he has other things to do apart from that. He will show you the way, and your job is practice more and more and finds work in the platforms taking a substantial time every day. This will keep you in the path of learning effectively and also have ideas about the types of work you are going to do simultaneously. It will indeed be the most effective if you work on related projects while learning. Therefore, in this stage, you only have one motto, “Learn, learn, and learn.”

Courses, pieces of training are systematically needed things to learn things quickly. Learning on their own has a possibility of misinterpreting. There are no professionals without any professional course or degree. To be a professional on a specific subject, you have to learn not about that subject only, but other things also; complementary and supplementary things. That is why engineers need to learn about social science, business professionals need to learn mathematics, and there are plethora’s of examples. Again, there are different levels in a profession like workers, executives, managers, or directors. If you want to be stuck to the worker level all the time, learning from Google and YouTube is sufficient. However, to be at the top-level, you have to do something more.

Digital marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, programming are not that easy that doing a few courses will make you a professional. Certificate courses are of two or three months targeting a specific subject. That will help to create your working capacity but will not make you an expert. Professional courses are of long terms. They combine complementary things apart from the leading academic subjects. It creates an in-depth knowledge about that subject, which makes it easier to provide solution design and executing power for any situation apart from doing the job correctly.

There is a concept that has been deeply rooted within us that outsourcing means working for upwork, Fiverr, people per hour, freelancer, etc. So they go to these marketplaces, create a profile and place 10/12 bids; 99% of them say GOODBYE to the outsourcing world with getting callbacks for interview. What they do not understand is this is a competitive market, and they are not the only one who is bidding. This sector is not for you if you are not perseverant, confident, and a hard worker. You cannot just dream, and you have to work harder to turn those dreams into reality.

We have to reduce our dependency only on Upwork , Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Many of you are learning SEO, SMM, video marketing, web design, graphic design, and article writing for outsourcing. These works are not only available on those online marketplaces but also on our local markets too. Maybe the pay is a little low, but you have test yourself before shooting for the stars, right? So, you can give our local markets a try as well.

Those who are doing courses on SEO; my advice to them is to read the articles of the below-mentioned websites and keep yourself up to date.

Make yourself perfectly efficient; you will achieve your dreams.

As I am working on SEO my advice will be, make a website selecting some high paying topic after learning SEO apart from searching work in marketplaces, write 30/40 articles and post them properly in your site. Do good work in SEO, creating backlink and marketing on social media- once there is good traffic in your site apply for Google Adsense. You can do the same thing creating 20 YouTube channels and uploading useful videos of highly searched topics. Follow the same method of websites and apply for Adsense, completing the needed items. If you do all things rightly, AdSense will be approved and if you have five sites like that with good traffic, earning 30/40 grand a month will be an easy thing. It will take one month to create five websites and around six months for SEO. You dream about building a career in freelancing, and you can’t even give six months to develop yourself? Come on!

Why are you looking only for marketplace jobs if you know how to do it? The time you waste searching tasks, you can move way ahead if you do the works mentioned above in the meantime. As a result, your efficiency will be increased, which will help you find jobs in marketplaces. Just say the link of your work in the cover letter while bidding; it will help you getting work in 80 percent of cases. You will get more confident as your portfolio keeps getting heavy. While applying in the marketplaces target the small jobs, which you can do accurately. No matter how low is the pay, build a strong base.

Oh, I completely forgot about another popular method, which is “Amazon Affiliate Marketing,” which is called trillion-dollar market. This market is golden storage for them who do good SEO and article writing. If you have the perfect skill for keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page SEO, off-page SEO; earning 1000 dollar per month won’t be a matter from an Amazon niche site (niche is the product on which your website will be based on or your business topic). Once you get a niche site rank, you usually will not have to do anything normally, and the income will be automatic. That’s the most verified mean of passive income. And this is my favorite earning platform. You can earn passively doing the work by others.

Difference between active and passive income:

Let us assume you do a job and get 20,000 Takas per month as salary. If you are fired or quit the job, you will lose the source of that money, or you freelance for clients and earn 30,000 Takas monthly. If you do not get work there anymore, you will lose the cause of your income. In sum, the money you make working actively is the active income.

On the contrary, when you use your money, you make passive income. For instance, house rent, fixed deposit income, etc. It is as you build a house with your income and give that as rent. You won’t have to do anything for the money you will earn every month. That is a perfect example of passive income offline.

Ways for passive income online: You will not need that much money, time, or energy like offline passive income for making passive income online — Amazon affiliate marketing – most smart and flexible source for passive income. Where you create an affiliate niche website, post a substantial amount of articles, optimize the search engine well, and bring that site in the first page of Google search. Once your site reaches a good position, you will start earning money. Working for a site well for about a year is enough for making 500/600 dollars per month. After that, you won’t have to give much time to that site. You can maintain the site well working only 7/8 hours per week. In this way, there will be a way of fixed income per month without accomplishing much. Passive income is such a system where you don’t need to always be there for earning money. Passive income is a dream for many people, as it is like making money while you sleep.

Working online means the whole world is your market. Your success is secured as an affiliate marketer just by working sincerely. You are your boss here to whom you don’t need an explanation. So, what are the steps of Amazon affiliate marketing? They are:

  1. Product/Niche selection process
  2. Keyword research process for Amazon affiliate
  3. Competition analysis
  4. L S I/ Long tail keyword research process
  5. Keyword finalization process
  6. Domain research/ domain finalization process
  7. Hosting selection
  8. Amazon product review writing process
  9. Outsource review content
  10. Creating Amazon niche website
  11. Selecting WordPress theme Setup
  12. Plug-in setup
  13. Publish articles
  14. Advance link building strategy to bring your site to the first page of Google search
  15. Opening Amazon associate account
  16. Setup Amazon tracking ID
  17. Payout system
  18. Monitor niche sites overall.

I have been talking about ways of earning money all the time, but you have to keep in mind that the result will be zero without developing proper skills. You have to be passionate about your work, and most importantly, you have to abstain yourself from dreaming of being a millionaire overnight.

Always keep that in mind that “Slow and steady wins the race.” While doing anything, we must not forget that nothing worthwhile can be achieved in a single day or overnight and that every achievement takes time. The patient and persistent effort will beat the labors of a spasmodic (irregular) Hercules.

You studied for almost twenty years of life, thinking of getting a job. Then how do you expect to earn more than that job only spending 2/3 months on outsourcing? You have to develop your skill on some particular topics and give a significant amount of time for that. That is not twenty years obviously but working hard for six months to a year you can earn more than the job you got studying for twenty years; this might seem imaginary to you, but it is the truth.

Funny thing is people dream of earning thousands of dollars but unwilling to give a little bit of effort for that. Odds of getting success in one chance are quite high, and, naturally, you may fail in the first few times. But you have to start over and try again. If you do not play fearing that you might lose, then you will not win ever. To win, you have to play; you have to be present in the field. Edison invented the electric bulb after failing more than thousands of times. But he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 1000 ways that won’t work.”

So, let us begin your journey to achieve the dream without further ado. Go ahead with your capability. Never think that you cannot do it or it is not possible by you. If you get stuck, there must be some lacking somewhere; try again and overcome that. In short, give your best, and success will keep following you.